Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pillion-pup (pt.1): An overnight with my Handler & sunset at Aust

Just came back from the most blissful day with my Handler: overnight on Monday, then a 400 mile round-trip down on the bike with Him to the South Coast. As He said - it was all the more special for being somewhat spur-of-the-moment and utterly unplanned: i am saddle-sore - but i just can't wipe this grin off my face :D


i headed down on Monday after work (with a short detour home to perve up in my rubber 1-piece, throw on a flight suit, and drop my bike leathers in the back of the car...).

He met me at the door looking *stunning* in chaps and a leather vest, and swept His dog up into a great big wonderful hug - then had it kneel before Him as He once more claimed it's neck with His collar and padlock.

He helped the dog out of it's flight-suit and had an appreciative laugh at the dog's new 'Piss-pup' T-shirt - and a hungry growl at finding it already plugged and fully encased in rubber - so He had it pull on it's tall waders and follow Him upstairs... lying back on the treatment couch - waders up, body encased, head hanging back over the edge and throat relaxed and open... The pure bliss of taking Him deeper and deeper into my throat - flicking my tongue over and under and around His shaft and head - feeling Him grow inside me, hearing Him groan and grunt and growl in response to my attentive devotion - grinding down into His dog, stopping it's breath and filling it's throat with His passion and power - feeding His dog and sating His pleasure...

With the dog's muzzle busy, He pulled an open-ended rubber sheath onto it's cock and balls - completing it's encasement and transforming it's meat into a tight rubber package - with the dog gasping and groaning around His meat as it helplessly humped it's rubbered dog-cock within His fist...

Letting it sit up to give it a breather (literally!) - climbing on the couch behind it, wrapping His arms around it's tightly rubbered body - having it slide back so it could grind it's plugged hole against His crotch. Teasing it's nipples through the suit and feeling it grind back against Him - milking it slowly as it writhed in His arms, barking and growling and panting - humped itself down into full k9 arousal - and making it shoot an endless stream of dog-cum across the bench (and almost all the way to the wall 3 foot away...!).

[Handler: You missed out the pleasure I had in standing in the kitchen having a snack afterwards - hand-feeding my Pup yummie chunks of apple and smoked cheese whilst it sat and panted and grinned and nuzzled at my leg...!]

Man and dog both sated - it was out into the garden to piss down it's throat, then take down the sling and restraints and gas mask (which He *had* apparently intended to strap the dog into and fuck it silly - if it hadn't distracted Him so badly with it's throat... ;) ).

By then it was getting late - and the dog was getting hungry - so He had it sit in the middle of the lawn whilst He got out the hose and shoved it down the neck of it's suit to help it out of it's rubber: there is *nothing* quite like the feeling of 40 deg thermostatically controlled hot water gushing down and through a tight rubber suit - swelling it up and swirling around your cock and arse like your own personal Jacuzzi bath and sauna in one!!!

The dog stripped, hosed down and towelled dry, it was then into our bike leathers - a quick call to Pizza express, then onto the bike and a quick jaunt to Aust (pizza-box precariously perched on the dog's lap) - chasing the last of the light so He could sit on a park-bench to hand feed His dog whilst it sat at His boots and we both watched the sun set in a blaze of glory across the Severn - glinting off both bridges and luring us over into Wales.

Fed and starting to feel chilly, we headed down into Aust - looking for the old ferry crossing - then it was up and over the bridge and on into Chepstow to have a look at the town and the river before heading home again...

At last, my Man finally dragged His pup up to bed - patting the bed so it would leap up to snuggle under the duvet and spoon in His arms. Fighting it's urge to wriggle and nuzzle and beg to be fucked: knowing that we had an early morning start, and we both needed our rest for the day ahead.

Feeling so secure, so safe: wrapped in His presence, resting my head against His arm, my neck still safe in His collar.

Drifting off into sleep surrounded in His smell, enfolded in His warmth - His arms keeping all fears and worries at bay...

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