Friday, May 07, 2010

Out on the bike...

i'm sorry to say that the dog's been somewhat pre-occupied (overwhelmed?!?) with stuff recently - which is one reason i've not posted anything here for a little while... It's been a rough few weeks, but both my partner and my Handler have been wonderfully supportive, and i now feel like i am finally starting to get better with their help (and the odd bit of medication...!).

I really want to say to them both, here and now: Thank You - for your love and support and gentle protection. Without You, i would not be here, and i will strive both to be worthy of that love - and to re-find the joyful pup that i was.

One way in particular that Handler helps is by taking His pup out for tongue-lolling jaunts on the bike: off through the spring-time English countryside, or down to the coast to watch the sun set as He hand-feeds it chips and mushy-peas... ;) 

i took the Muvi out with us on one jaunt last week - and posted it up onto YouTube - i hope you enjoy it as much as i did!:

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