Friday, May 28, 2010

A dog's thanks


Thank you for a wonderful ride last night! Who would have thought you could have so much fun and yet never be more than 10 miles from home :)

Thank you for giving me the unrivaled pleasure of wrapping my arms around you, hugging you close with my puppy thighs gripping yours tightly - the bike weaving and rumbling underneath me whilst i grinned and sighed into the helmet.

Thank you for bumbling rides along perfect country roads - for getting us lost, and then finding ourselves again - for the stunning views across the valley: the long sun throwing light and shadow through the trees and setting the skies ablaze. Thank you for the views at Birdlip, the Yews at Painswick and the woods at Cranham - and then the perfect moon coming up so big and yellow on our way back from Stroud.

Thank you for Crickely Hill and Dog-nappers lane - for feeding your dog and slaking it's thirst - for letting it give you the pleasure it loves to give, and being so vocal in Your encouragment and praise. Thank you for the reasuring strokes on the back of your puppy's head whilst it's mouth and tongue where so busy - the little fondles and tweaks of it's ears that let it know it is loved and appreciated for it's devotion - and the gentle way you held it's head whilst You slowly forced yourself deep down it's willing throat...

Thank you for 'Fucking him' and feeding him - for letting it kneel at your feet where it belongs and gaze up at you with love and devotion: it's tongue tingling with the taste of you, it's arms wrapped around Your legs and it's puppy mound helplessly humping into your boot...!

Thank you for gently stroking it's neck whilst we chatted back at home - warming up before you headed back - for quietly fussing your pup and telling it how much you love it, and appreciate it - and how pleased you are to see it happy and healthy again.

Thank you: for being my Master, my Handler, my confidant and my friend.

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