Friday, May 28, 2010

A dog's thanks


Thank you for a wonderful ride last night! Who would have thought you could have so much fun and yet never be more than 10 miles from home :)

Thank you for giving me the unrivaled pleasure of wrapping my arms around you, hugging you close with my puppy thighs gripping yours tightly - the bike weaving and rumbling underneath me whilst i grinned and sighed into the helmet.

Thank you for bumbling rides along perfect country roads - for getting us lost, and then finding ourselves again - for the stunning views across the valley: the long sun throwing light and shadow through the trees and setting the skies ablaze. Thank you for the views at Birdlip, the Yews at Painswick and the woods at Cranham - and then the perfect moon coming up so big and yellow on our way back from Stroud.

Thank you for Crickely Hill and Dog-nappers lane - for feeding your dog and slaking it's thirst - for letting it give you the pleasure it loves to give, and being so vocal in Your encouragment and praise. Thank you for the reasuring strokes on the back of your puppy's head whilst it's mouth and tongue where so busy - the little fondles and tweaks of it's ears that let it know it is loved and appreciated for it's devotion - and the gentle way you held it's head whilst You slowly forced yourself deep down it's willing throat...

Thank you for 'Fucking him' and feeding him - for letting it kneel at your feet where it belongs and gaze up at you with love and devotion: it's tongue tingling with the taste of you, it's arms wrapped around Your legs and it's puppy mound helplessly humping into your boot...!

Thank you for gently stroking it's neck whilst we chatted back at home - warming up before you headed back - for quietly fussing your pup and telling it how much you love it, and appreciate it - and how pleased you are to see it happy and healthy again.

Thank you: for being my Master, my Handler, my confidant and my friend.

Monday, May 24, 2010

More Pan's kin updates

Spent some of the weekend updating the Pan's kin website (when i wasn't flaked in a corner with the freakish heat...!).

There's some new photos in the 'Galleries' section, two new videos, and a few new stories.

i hope you enjoy...!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Counting blessings

Out on the bike with Handler again on Friday - He wanted to cheer His dog up and give it a short break from it's worries and woes, and He knows that a 'zoom zoom!' will *always* put a smile back on it's face...

In payment, He left the dog with some 'homework': to make a list of the things that we have done that make it the happiest.

Things that make this dog happy to be alive:

  • Leathered and booted and waiting for the purr of His bike down the road - bouncing out of the door and down the drive to greet Him with a grin on my face and my helmet in my hand - how He says 'Where's my smart dog?' and 'There he is!' in that excited way
  • catching the scent of Him when He hugs His dog close and lets it nuzzle it's head onto His chest and under His chin
  • the feeling of security and completeness when He locks on my collar: the weight of it which reminds me i am loved and owned, the clink of the dog tag against the padlock when i turn over at night - and the look in other people's faces when they see the pride with which i wear it when i am with Him
  • the way He always come in to greet my partner - with a 'Hello, gorgeous man!' and a  proper kiss - and the grace with which He always says 'Thank you for letting me walk my dog'
  • the way He always has to chivvy the dog along with  'OK Dog - get your shit together..!'
  • The sheen and glint of the bike, waiting for us outside
  • balancing myself with a hand on His shoulder as i swing onto the pillion seat - the way He always reaches back to pat His dog's thigh as it settles itself (and the way He strokes and fondles behind my knee at every traffic light - just to remind His dog it's thinking of Him and would be fondling somewhere else if only He could reach...)
  • His grunt of pleasure when His dog gives Him a great big hug - overcome with the urge to physically express it's love and joy at being with Him - being His pillion-pup
  • gripping His thighs with it's legs and sliding it's gloved hands tighter around His waist as He accelerates away - Him laughing when his pup laughs 'Zoom zoom!' though the com
  • The incredible ease and smoothness with which He rides His bike - and the feeling of oneness that His dog feels in sharing that time, that ride with Him
  • Making Him laugh and smile every time it barks at every other bike that rides past (even though it probably deafens Him through the com...!).
  • bumbling along in full 'tourist mode' - getting lost, but knowing we are always just where we want to be...
  • keeping a nose out for cream-teas and quaint cafes - terrifying the posh old ladies as we stride in fully booted and leathered, and then winning them over with my puppy-smile and best manners (and our insistence on being served proper loose tea in real bone-china) 
  • the honour of being able to be seen with Him, and have people see my collar and the affection with which He treats me, and so know that i am His. That such a beautiful, masculine, powerful and cultured Man has chosen me as His companion for that day...
  • reading His words of encouragement and praise - or the pride with which He speaks to other people of His pup and the fun we have together
  • kneeling by His side - hugging His boot - and being fed chips and deep-fried mushrooms as we watch the sun set over Weston
  • scampering at His side through the many clubs and fetish nights - rubbered and plugged and hooded and utterly proud and happy to be His pervert-pup - freed of all humanity and limitation and simply able to love Him and serve Him and give Him pleasure
  • The touch of His hand on my head when i quietly kneel by His side whilst He talks to His friends - a gentle reminder that He knows i am there, and appreciates the company
  • the eager excitement when that hand gently presses and guides my head to turn towards Him - the other hand reaching for His cod-piece - wondering if He needs a piss, or wants His dog simply to use it's throat and tongue to give Him pleasure - and knowing i am eager to do either and both
  • hearing it's Master say 'good boy!', and knowing it has pleased Him
  • The smell and taste of His leather under my tongue
  • the feel of it's body, tightly encased in rubber - converted and transformed into something so deeply sexual and utterly perverted
  • scampering up the stairs to the play-room on all fours - leaping onto the coach and onto it's back - sliding it's head over the edge with it's throat open and it's tongue waiting...
  • the feel of Him, deep inside me - completing me, fulfilling me
  • His shudders of pleasure - the feel of His thighs as they flex under my gloved hands, the taste and smell of His meat and balls - His ragged breathing, groans and growls - all telling me that He is enjoying what i do, taking pleasure from the attention His dog gives to Him - the knowledge that i am pleasing Him, serving Him
  • and afterwards - nuzzling up, safe and warm under the duvet - He opens His arms and gives His dog that special smile - tells it 'come on here pup' and then has it turn on it's side, so He can hold it enfolded in His arms, it's head on His shoulder and His breath on it's neck - feeling Him strong and warm against it's back, His arms enfolding, constraining, protecting...
  • letting go - surrendering - feeling my body and mind relax - knowing that i am safe, that i trust Him - that i am HIS, and that is all i need know
  • drifting to sleep with His voice in it's ear - crooning and filling it's head with the play we have had, and the ideas and plans that He has for the day to come...
Oh yes - so many blessings - so many ways for a Man to make His dog smile...

Friday, May 07, 2010

Out on the bike...

i'm sorry to say that the dog's been somewhat pre-occupied (overwhelmed?!?) with stuff recently - which is one reason i've not posted anything here for a little while... It's been a rough few weeks, but both my partner and my Handler have been wonderfully supportive, and i now feel like i am finally starting to get better with their help (and the odd bit of medication...!).

I really want to say to them both, here and now: Thank You - for your love and support and gentle protection. Without You, i would not be here, and i will strive both to be worthy of that love - and to re-find the joyful pup that i was.

One way in particular that Handler helps is by taking His pup out for tongue-lolling jaunts on the bike: off through the spring-time English countryside, or down to the coast to watch the sun set as He hand-feeds it chips and mushy-peas... ;) 

i took the Muvi out with us on one jaunt last week - and posted it up onto YouTube - i hope you enjoy it as much as i did!:

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