Friday, April 16, 2010

A few more photos from Boltz

Handler received a few more pictures from our previous visit to Boltz (these from Peter Barry at HOT Magazine). It's good to be reminded of what an amazing evening it was - and how much fun the pup has when it's out with it's Master...

It's even nicer when it's Master writes to say how *much* He had enjoyed reading His dog's account of their play - and how *PROUD* He was to read it saying:

"Thank You for proudly displaying Your dog to Your friends - and for letting the dog wear Your collar for all to see. 
Thank You, Sir, for telling the dog that You genuinely enjoy it's company - whether as simply a fuck-toy, Your rubber-dog, or faithfully friendly companion. You make me feel better than anything else in my life right now - and for that i am, and always will be: 
YOUR dog - bootbrush"

And Your dog *does* mean that Sir - genuinely and heartfelt: i *am* Your dog, your fuck-pup and k9 companion, and i *am* incredibly PROUD to let the whole world know it.

But more than anything else - i simply feel unbelievably lucky to be have You as both Master and friend.

And there i will stop, for fear of choking us *both* up...! ;)

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