Friday, April 16, 2010

A few more photos from Boltz

Handler received a few more pictures from our previous visit to Boltz (these from Peter Barry at HOT Magazine). It's good to be reminded of what an amazing evening it was - and how much fun the pup has when it's out with it's Master...

It's even nicer when it's Master writes to say how *much* He had enjoyed reading His dog's account of their play - and how *PROUD* He was to read it saying:

"Thank You for proudly displaying Your dog to Your friends - and for letting the dog wear Your collar for all to see. 
Thank You, Sir, for telling the dog that You genuinely enjoy it's company - whether as simply a fuck-toy, Your rubber-dog, or faithfully friendly companion. You make me feel better than anything else in my life right now - and for that i am, and always will be: 
YOUR dog - bootbrush"

And Your dog *does* mean that Sir - genuinely and heartfelt: i *am* Your dog, your fuck-pup and k9 companion, and i *am* incredibly PROUD to let the whole world know it.

But more than anything else - i simply feel unbelievably lucky to be have You as both Master and friend.

And there i will stop, for fear of choking us *both* up...! ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some wonderful praise from the dog's Handler

My Handler was recently chatting with a contact on Recon, who had asked Him about His dog.

My Handler prefers to talk, rather than type - and doesn't normally ramble on-line (not like His dog!) BUT He was obviously inspired, and later forwarded some of His response to His dog. i was so warmed by what He wrote, that i had to ask Him for permission to post it here.

i cannot say how PROUD it makes me to read such praise - Every word just makes His dog love Him more.

From: RubberGTR
"My dog is a joy to be with and we always have such fun together: he is always pleased to see me, with a big smile and a happy bark and a welcoming hug - and nice words which are true and from his puppy-heart for his Man.
I don't need to demean him by calling him 'it' - he knows his place, and is simply my 'bootbrush', my playful pup - my dog.
He falls to his knees in happy and blissful surrender to his Man - and always responds well to 'Good boy'. He says hearing me say that always makes him feel good, because it lets him knows that he has made his Man happy - which is natural, since that is a dog's job. 
He is a good dog - a service-dog - and knows that a dog's place is to please it's Master. He is a good boy and enjoys being fucked both ends - almost as much as his Master enjoys fucking him...
I always collar My dog's neck with a nice big dog-chain - it has 'MY HORNEY FUCK HOUND' engraved on the links and 'BOOTBRUSH' on the padlock. He always wears that collar with pride - and loves to show it off when we are in public, so that everyone knows he is my happy pup.
His collar also has a big silver name tag on it, engraved with My name and phone number - just in case he gets lost!. It jingles against his padlock so I know that he is nearby and happy.
When he barks by the back door I know that he needs a dog piss, and so I let him out into the back garden. He is a good boy - and always knows which is 'his' tree. He pisses while on three legs and trots back to the house happy and content. He is also an attentive piss-pup, and if I need a piss he is happy to take My cock in his dog mouth and drink me dry - whether in the woods next to a roadside lay-by, in the garden or out in a club (My personal favorite...)
We are both very happy to club together and it is always great to enjoy the reaction of others!
When we go out together, he will be on the back of the bike in full dog kit (he has a set of leathers, with 'bootbrush' on the thighs and back - and a badge reading 'Top dog', so everyone knows he's my good bike-pup).
But sometimes when we go to a club, I put him in the back of the car - rubber-suited and plugged and wearing his hood. When we get there he hops out and happily trotts into the club beside me on all fours, just like a proper dog - he stays like that all night too - never wanting or needing to be more than my obedient and playful pup, making friends with people and getting fuss and treats and being sent to chase after boots or to get nice men to come back and chat to his Handler.
We get to meet once or twice a month - not enough really but we both have our own lives and our respective Men are very accommodating. We feel lucky to have met - we had been looking and chatting for a while and then it just happened - and it was fantastic. 
And it still is...!"

Friday, April 09, 2010

A night encased - and a rubbered awakening

i love rubber. The feel of it tight against the skin: containing, restraining, defining - it's an intoxicatingly erotic experience. But i've never had the chance to spend a night fully encased - to sleep in rubber. At least, not until the last visit with my Handler...

HE always likes His dog to be in some form of rubber - even when it is geard up for the bike, or in 'civies' - He knows from experience that the touch and feel of rubber on it's body will keep the dog horny and focused. Sometimes it's only a jock, or shorts - but often it's a catsuit, or sleeveless long-johns - and always it's full rubber dog-suit, dog-hood and tail-plug when the dog gets taken to a club, or we're out playing in the garden.

This last visit it was the dog's Invincible neck-entry sleeveless suit in 0.5mm grade glossy black rubber - super tight and stretchy and silicone lubed - so that the dog was reminded of it's sex and it's encasement with every move of it's body, every touch of it's Master's gloved hands on it's skin. Cock trapped and teased by a neoprene cock-ring under the rubber, and a plug in it's fuck-hole to keep it - and the dog - hungry and ready. All covered over with multiple layers of Uniform leather, chaps and boots: a leather-boy package for my Master to unwrap to find the rubber-pervert hiding within.


By the time Master was dragging His dog up to bed, it had already spent nearly 10 hours in it's rubber skin - that would normally mean it was starting to get uncomfortable, but the thin rubber is so flexible and the suit so well made - it felt so much a part of the dog's skin and identity that it would have felt truely naked without it. And so the dog's Master let His rubber pervert-pup curl up next to Him under the duvet - it's body hot against Him in it's rubber skin, nuzzling into His enfolding arms and bumping it's rubbered and plugged tail against His thigh - quietly whining when He reached around and stroked over the rubber across it's crotch: rubbing and teasing the cock safely trapped inside - a rubber-dog hot-water bottle to keep it's Man warm all night...

i thought i would not be able to sleep - that the encasement would keep me too aroused or the rubber would become too hot and uncomfortable - but i *always* feel so safe curled up like that: enfolded, protected, restrained by my Master's arms and His Masculinity - the feel of His heat through the rubber, His breath upon my collared neck and the rise and fall of His chest against my back - the gentle crooning words He uses to sooth His dog down into submission and sleep. Before the dog knew, it could feel it's body relax and it's mind drift into that perfect non-thinking puppy space - and down deep into sleep and dreams...


...and then to wake - slowly - nearly 24 hours now in rubber...

Drifting up from depths of dog-dreams into the intoxicating smell of its hot rubbered body and it's Master's musk - to the feel of it's Master's hand stroking it's trapped cock through the suit, His body encircling it's own and gently grinding the plug into it's hole with His weight...

The dog's body waking before it's mind did - waking into arousal and pup-identity - into the reality of it's still-rubbered flesh and it's eager need to please and serve...

Rolled over onto it's glossy belly to expose it's tightly rubbered arse - the touch of cool air as the zipper was pulled open and the hungry noises it made into the pillow as it's hole gave up the plug to Master's strong hands... Responding without thought to His quiet command to 'Give...' and then 'Open for me, boy... gently now - let me in...'

Awareness slowly dawning - but resisting so i may stay enfolded in the bliss of simply being His pup - giving myself to Him for His pleasure. Automatically curving my hole up to meet Him - relaxing and opening - letting Him take His dog.

Feeling His power and passion build - and building with it, without thought or limitation. Knowing my submission is making Him take control - driving Him deeper, harder - the Master awoken by the dog inside me. Feeling Him take my wrists - push me down with His weight; wriggling and writhing under Him in rubber-submission - legs pinned beneath His, hands held in one fist - panting and whining in responce to His growls as He fucks His rubber-dog and takes His pleasure from it's greedy perversion...

Man and dog - Master and hound - fucking His dog, breeding His pup - making it whole...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pan's kin redesign

The pup took the opportunity of a quiet Easter weekend to have a redesign of our website.

There's still a fair amount of pages to update and transfer (including a few of the stories and an entirely new 'photo albums' section) - but i've hopefully put together enough to give you a good idea of what it should look like once it's all done.

Why not take a look, and let us know what you think...! (honestly - i am *genuinely* interested in any constructive comments!)
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