Monday, February 15, 2010

'Twisted' at Boltz

This weekend, Handler took His dog up to Birmingham for the 'Twisted' club night at Boltz.

It's an incredible venue - there's plenty of friendly socialising space in the bar area, a neatly enclosed and private outside space, and the most amazing set of playrooms this dog has ever seen (each one themed: dungeons, a sauna - even a real motorbike!).

Handler had great fun getting the dog to run around the central 'island'-style bar, weaving between legs with it's LED flashing collar meaning He could track it's movement and know it was safe - He also loved the outdoor space: perfect for taking His dog out to hose down it's throat and let it cock a leg against a hoarding...

There were several pups there too - and the dog got to play gently with a couple of them (a friendly 'wuff!' to all of you - please: let me know who you were, and maybe we can arrange to play again!!!). We also had several photos taken as a group, so i'll hope to put some links up when they come through [these are now up on the 'Hot' magazine website 23/3/10].

Best of all was the amount of friendly fuss and attention the pup and it's Man attracted. It made the dog *very* proud to hear so many Men come up to say how unbelievably sexy *HE* looked in His rubber bike-leathers and blue uniform shirt - and it did grin under it's hood thinking: 'And *that* is just one of many reasons why His dog is so devoted to Him...!

The dog would especially like to thank the wonderful Andy from Glasgow - who chatted so nicely to Handler and made all the right encouragement and fuss of the dog: you really helped to make the evening a genuine pleasure for *both* my Handler and His dog. i hope the ride on to Cardiff was ok - and i hope You weren't too despondent at the result!

Thanks also to Ryan and Dave for taking the great photos (and being so complimentary).

It was another wonderful evening - and the dog was so incredibly proud to be able to show it's devotion and love for it's Master so clearly and openly (it was also *very* happy to hear it's Man's grunted pleasure as it drank down every last gulp of His copious piss - even the dog was surprised with how thirsty it was...!! :) ).

It was also an incredible pleasure to back it's Man up against the wall in the Hotel beforehand - and to trap Him there with it's wet muzzle, hungry throat and evil tongue until it could feel Him trembling and groaning and straining - the dog keeping Him there, edged and ready for as long as it could - knowing that He could give the order to stop and it would obey immediately, but loving that He gave it the permission and the excuse to use nothing but it's throat to bring Him to a slow but perfect climax... Thank you Sir: it is always the ultimate reward to this pup to be able to give it's Man such pleasure!

YOUR dog loves YOU, SIR: balls to bone and everything between.


  1. Bootbrush it was a pleasure to meet you and your handler at Boltz and an absolute pleasure to be able to take the photos of you and Nigel,

  2. WUFF! thank you Sir - it was an equal pleasure to be able to make You so happy ;)


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