Friday, February 26, 2010

'fear is the mind-killer - fear is the little death...'

This week i've been thinking about fear and trust: fear of our desires, and trust in ourselves.

It was sparked by a couple of 'pups' who commented on my profile at recon, and the play-pics here. Most of them said how 'brave' they thought i was to be a pup, and how they envied me for being able to let go and surrender to my Handler so completely - that they wished they could be a pup too, but didn't have the courage to act on their desires...

i've commented on a similar thread before ('On mindfulness and loving sacrifice'), but i think it's an important issue: how not to let fear keep you from that which you desire.

Curiosity is part of the secret:

Fear is a natural response to that which we do not understand, or that we believe may do us harm. But if you approach each experience with curiosity, you may find that what you thought was fear is simply apprehension and excitement...

Curiosity should be a natural state for any pup: a blissful state of playful innocence that shows you the world afresh, filled with new experiences to learn from and grow.

Trust is another key:

  • Trust in yourself - in your own inner strength and identity, and in the fact that you can playfully explore to edges of experience, and yet still return whole and healthy.
  • Trust in those you play with. Know the Men who you play with: be sure that they are responsible and experienced - and then *trust* them.

Trust is one of the bonds that binds SM Players together - and is the core of the energy exchange between them. If you do not Trust - either Him, or yourself - then you should not be there at all...

But Trust is gained in the giving: over time, the more you experience, the more you come to trust yourself - and the more trust you give the you Master, the more trustworthy He becomes. And the deeper the bond between you will grow.

So - if there is an experience which calls to you, then face it with curiosity. Trust yourself - and then Trust Him. And then take that Trust, and simply submit...

You may just find that you are strengthened by the experience.

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