Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year frollicks

We had a *fantastic* time at the Gear pre- New Year re-launch party, in it's new home at Club O in Bristol (http://www.gearbristol.co.uk/). It's a nice venue - with lots of interesting spaces for a dog to snuffle around (including mutliple dark rooms and even a cinema!) - and the staff there were incredibly friendly and welcoming (the owner of Club O in particular was *very* taken with the dog - and incredibly sweet! :) ). The club photographer also took some pics - which will also be in HOT magazine...

Most importantly, it was nicely full of sexy guys and good friends - and *everyone* seemed pleased to see Handler, and ready to fuss the pup. A very big sexy *WUUFFF!!* goes to Hayden especially - for holding the dog's leash whilst Handler first went to the bar, *and* for instigating several horny pup-fondles through the night (not to mention being chased around the corridors at one point ;) ).

Best of all - the club has a car park at the side of the club, so we got to repeat our experience at the Hoist: with the dog hopping out of the car fully k9: rubbered, hooded and tailed - then trotting along the street and into the club on all fours, proud to be in public and at it's Handler's side... It felt incredibly natural, and deeply sexy: to be welcomed and recognised as only and purely a dog - to look and act and *be* just as i really am, and to spend the entire night as such in everyone's eyes...

It was also lovely to hear my Handler praising His dog to the other guys there (when He thought i wasn't listening...!) - telling them that He loves His dog, and that it's always a pleasure to be with him. Not much could make my pup-heart soar so much as hearing and knowing that i have made my Man Proud.

And His dog got to show it's appreciation later too:

getting randy and over excited with the smell and taste of His leather uniform, and getting it's muzzle into a mess from loving His smooth Dehner boots...

getting into such a horny state that it almost came just from being allowed to get His scent and snuffle and nuzzle and sniff at His nips and pits... whining in frustration at it's tight unpracticed hole...

the unbelievable and overwhelming experience of both holes being filled: it's Master relaxing back in a tub chair, His night-stick opposite Him, tucked between the matress and the bed frame - His dog on all fours trapped between Him and the bed, braced and trembling - muzzle in His crotch and fuck-hole backing onto the stick... moaning and droolling around the taste and feel of His meat on my tongue and in my mouth, the feel of His balls against my beard and the heady scent of His musk in my muzzle as i relax and open: grinding myself down until i can feel Him slide down into my throat with a groan... an intense and beautiful feeling in itself, but only intensified by the feel of the stick burried in my tender hole: the tip teasing my ring when i slide forward to gag, or burried painfully deep inside me when i move back to try to get a breath... Trapped between His cock and it's surrogate - alternating between throat and hole, cock and stick: speared and roasted between them both; my body sliding backwards and forwards - feeling like He has speared through my entire body... shuddering with the intensity of it, sobbing and whining with the frustration and intensity, whilst He relaxes, and fusses my head when it gets too much... and still, good dog that i am, i try to overcome that intensity and focus only on Him and giving Him pleasure in the way that i know He enjoys and demands...

An amazing, intense and incredible experience - thank you SIR for helping Your dog learn to love and please you better every time.


  1. Well done pup, you were 'top dog' at GEAR! Stay warm in your kennel and we hope to see you across the car park soon!
    PS let me know if acceptable to link from the newsletter to your blog

  2. WUUFFF!!! thank you James! it was a *pleasure* to be able to give such fun to so many guys - and to have the opportunity to make my Handler proud of His pup :)

    You're more than welcome to link to the blog - and thanks again for letting me use the pics.

  3. So amazing imagine myself at my owner's side, in sll fours, walkin in the club, you so lucky!


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