Monday, December 27, 2010

We survived Christmas - and Boxing day

Well, we survived xmas without too many catastrophes, diseases or arguments - unlike the 3000+ people who have been hassling my poor Handler and his colleagues in the NHS (who are bravely dealing with a record number of calls about flu and indigestion *without* slamming the phone down on the idiots - despite them being hugely understaffed and under-funded, *and* Him having to work over the Holiday period far from His partner or His pup and any of the warmth and love it would try to give Him...)

It's also been over a week since the thermometer rose above -2c - and many nights it's been below -10c - we've also had 2 foot of snow and the odd day of freezing fog - so i'm very happy to be able to be at home with the fire crackling in the grate...  The bad weather also meant that my partner's family had to cancel their planned week-long xmas visit with us - so we've had a very welcome quiet week, stuffing ourselves on cake and mince-pies and playing lots of PlayStation ;))

That said - we did venture out onto the icy roads yesterday to attend a private Druid ceremony at midday in Stonehenge (even though we're Witches, not Druids - but we do organise and lead public 'pan-pagan' Ceremonies with our local Arch Druid, and this invite was a way for her to say 'thanks').

Despite multiple layers of thermals, spandex and leather - *and* a stout woollen cloak! - it was *still* brass-monkey freezing - and yes, my tits *were* as cold as the proverbial... ;)  Still - it was good to welcome the Sun's return - and an interesting experience to see the Stones in the snow and ice, instead of Midsummer as we normally do -...

Best of all - Solstice past, the sun now starts to roll back towards the light, and we follow with it towards the New Year to come. Here's hoping it's a year filled with many puppy-play opportunities to regale you all with!

Friday, December 24, 2010


Ah well - i guess it *is* Christmas tomorrow, and one *is* expected to do something dumb for it. So how's about a very old photo of Geoff and i from over 10 years ago... ;)

Best wishes to everyone - may you thoroughly enjoy whatever Seasonal festivities you partake in!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thoughts for last-minute-pressies

Being both a vegatarian and a pagan-pup, this dog doesn't really 'do' xmas (although it does go fairly wild for Solstice... ;)) ) - but just in case *you* do the whole present thing, here's a couple of thoughts for the Man (or dog) in your life:


Stompers Boots is doing an appeal: they've been hit hard by the recession and desperately need people to spend some hard cash on Big Boots from them - so why not give the Man you love a gift voucher: He may reward you by letting you clean 'em afterwards... ;)


Invincible is having a 25% sale - and it lasts until Dec 31st!! Their range is about the best this dog has ever found - and they also now offer over 15 different colours of latex...  So why not treat Your dog to a bit of rubber this year? - You just might appreciate how horny and receptive it makes him...


Finally - Utilikilts are also having a 33% sale on their discontinued stock - with deals on Mockers in Black, Olive, Tan, and Heather Grey, and Originals in Tan and Green Camo. Functional, accessible, sexy - what could be better for Christmas...?


Whatever you decide: here's hoping it's a good one for all concerned - and the Season's Greetings to you :)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Puppy tag - redux

A while back i did a post which featured some of my design thoughts for a 'puppy-pride' flag, suitable for being etched onto a dog-tag. Since then, my good friend Hooten has been doodeling, and has come up with a really nice design, which i'd like to share:

Copyright Hooten Haller 2010

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Remember - and learn

Today is world AIDs day - as if you haven't noticed the red ribbons over all the gay sites...! It's a day to remember all of those we know who have passed - and the many who are thankfully still living and surviving.

But in a time when infection rates and STDs are still rising - particularly amongst the younger members of our community - it is also a time to redouble education and awareness raising. So why not make a visit to one of the many support group sites and information services, and see what you can do to help - and if you're in the UK, why not donate via the National AIDS Trust.

Stay safe!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A few days later - and a genuine THANK YOU

It is several days later now - and what can I say that would let You know how much Your dog enjoyed our time together, Sir?

Simply - THANK YOU Sir: for the most fun this dog has had in months, romping about at the club and gob-smacking the hets out of their normality - and for the wonderful long soak in the hot-tub at the end of the evening: gazing up at the moon and nuzzling sleepily into my Man's shoulder whilst He relaxed and chuckled and chatted away.

THANK YOU for fucking YOUR dog - for ignoring it's whimpers and moans, for taking it on all fours like an animal, for clamping it down to the couch and driving deep and hard and merciless into it's aching hole - for grinding the cares and worries and humanity from it's body and letting it find the deep, pure, perfect inner place of surrender and submission where nothing else matters but the free - and freeing - pleasure of giving my body and mind to fulfilling YOUR desire, Your pleasure.

THANK YOU - for fucking me long and deep and so utterly and perfectly - and then for lying there, still hard within me, whilst You told the dog how much it's Man loves to see it's glossy rubber body beneath Him, and how sexy it looks (and how sexy and desirable that made it feel!).

And THANK YOU for finally making me kneel and ask for what i wanted and needed: letting me bark and beg like the dog that i am, and then making me ask in English too - so that both pup and boy could express it's need for You, so that every part of me could experience the pleasure of your meat and the gift of Your cum.

THANK YOU for being my Master SIR - Your dog loves you more than it could ever express!

A short but very very VERY sweet visit - part 2

(Part 1)

Back home, after the SWAMP event - the dog hopping from the car and waiting patiently in the darkening drive. Sir locks the car and pats a thigh: calling His dog to heel - it follows Him, obedient and eager: nose almost touching the soft drill of His uniform pants - eyes fixed on the reflected light in the shine of His dress boots. He leads it into the dusk at the secluded side of the house - stands looking down at His dog, obedient at His feet. He slowly draws down the zipper on those beautiful yellow-striped breeches - the dog gives a little growl of expectant pleasure: it's tongue already lolling from it's mouth in anticipation. At His command, it takes Him gently into it's mouth - takes the scent and the taste of Him, lets it wash over it as it waits for His command.

'Good boy - drink Your man's piss like a good dog'

Warm and salty - the dog eagerly gulps down every drop as Master struggles not to drown His dog and make it choke. The dog lets Him feel the ripple of it's tongue and the flutter of it's throat as it swallows, it whines deep in it's throat as it feels the warm flood of man-piss down into it's stomach and into it's canine soul - feeling a rippling shudder of submission deep inside it's rubber skin and the twitching drip of it's dog-cock sealed within its sheath. Eager and honoured to serve Him and take His piss - equally aware of the submission entailed in this act - knowing that it is being marked with His scent as it flows into its body and drips from its beard....

It feels a deep need to drink until it is saturated in His piss - until it seeps from its pores and it smells only of Him...  But finally He is done - pats the dog's head as it licks its lips and wags its tail at having pleased Him - He rezips His fly, and once more calls the dog to heal as He strides on into the house itself.

Into the warmth of the lounge and a little time to relax; Master lies back into the sofa with His long legs stretched out and His dog at His heals - it's glossy head resting on His thigh, paws wrapped around His one boot, idly stroking. He talks quietly to it: news of the weeks we've been away from each other, plans for the coming months, His pleasure at seeing His dog out in public with Him. The dog quietly barks and whimpers - knows He can read it's pleasure and pride in its eyes - cocks its head into His palm as He chuckles and croons at its naturally canine state, so far now from the man it once was. He nudges its sheathed cock and tightly stretched balls with the toe of His boot - smiles as it whimpers and slowly grinds its glossy red dog-cock into the smooth shining leather: gloved paws wrapped around His leg and plugged tail wagging away.

He pulls off His uniform shirt and moves down onto the floor to be with His dog - laughs as it clambers on top of Him to cover His face in soppy licks and His belly in a slick trail of doggy pre-cum. Its eager muzzle seeks out the nape of His neck, His arm-pits, His nipples - licking and nuzzling, nipping and teasing - eagerly lost in the animal hunger of giving Him pleasure and showing its canine-excitement at the power and beauty of His body.

He lets the dog nuzzle and hump for a while - enjoying the attention of it's tongue and muzzle - then commands it to 'Leave', then 'STAY!' whilst He leaves the room to change. He comes back: bare-chested in shining rubber chaps and thigh-high waders - His meat beautiful, thick, and heavy with juices to feed His mutt... He gives the dog permission - and is almost knocked over by the force with which it dives upon Him in its hunger: driving Him down and into its throat in one seamless action that stuns both man and dog in its urgency. He grabs the dog's shoulders and head, grinds down into its muzzle - grunts at the feel of its rubbered jaw at the root of His cock, rubbing and pressing against His balls - growls at the feel of its throat around His head and half the shaft...

Dog and Man are lost in pleasure for a while - but the Master finally pulls away - moves unsteady to the door and tells the dog to follow Him; it trots along behind Him as He leads it upstairs and into the playroom - it helps Him clear the play-couch by carefully picking up the toys left there in it's mouth - then leaps up at His command and lies back so that its muzzle can become the next toy for Him to take His pleasure from...

Master is already so hard and hungry, He doesn't need much warming up before He is telling the dog to roll onto its belly and move its legs to the floor - its smooth glossy arse still filled with the tail-plug, wagging and twitching with doggy-hunger. It whimpers as He slowly works out the heavy rounded egg - and fingers the smarting open hole it leaves exposed. The dog rests its head on the bench - looks over it's shoulder to watch Him pull on a sheath and slick it with lube - wiggles and whines and goes up onto its toes to position that hole all the better for Him. It has been so long since its hole has been filled - so long since it gave itself to Him: as He pushes in it feels the stab and burn of protest - struggles to relax, to take Him - bites it' tongue so not to cry out or whimper.

He is slow but forceful - pushes Himself in as deep as He can - driving deep into His dog's hole, hard into its body. Even though it hurts, the dog finds it cannot and will not resist Him - finds the pain becomes an ache, the ache becomes heat, and the heat becomes a burning arousal. Without any conscious control, it finds its body hungrily driving back against its Master - forcing Him ever deeper. It clambers onto the couch so it can be up on all four legs - Master growls His surprised encouragement: loving that His dog wants to be fucked like the animal it is; He climbs up behind it - grabs its hips, and drives repeatedly into its hungry body - telling it that He's fucking His dog, breeding His pup, making it His - His words drive both Him and His dog even deeper into animal hunger...

The dog strains to hold their combined weight, but slowly it is forced to the couch - it's body trapped beneath Him, its cock squeezed and ground into the padded leather. It is mindless and hungry and lost to the feel of His weight, His heat, His strength - His meat deep inside it, driving it deep into pure submission. Its mind finds itself a passenger within the instinctive reality of its animal reactions as its body responds to His command without thought - as it grinds itself back in rythm to the pulse and grind of His hunger.

Driven on by the dog's surrender, Master forces it down harder - wraps His arms around it to grab the edge of the couch: squeezes the air from its body and prevents it from drawing another breath - using His weight and His strength to control it's breathing whilst He feeds from its helplessness and dependence on Him. Breathless, head spinning and lungs aching - the dog's canine awareness hovers between pleasure and pain, fear and arousal, hunger and surrender - whilst its Man drives ever deeper and harder, taking everything that is rightfully His from its body...

They reach a moment of calm - it feels Master's legs wrap and trap its own - His hands reach up to find and encircle its front paws: it is enfolded in the tender restraint of His body... still deep and hard, He holds it there in the castle of His body for a while - lets them both find their breath. After a while He releases its paws to reach up and slowly pull the dog-hood from its sweat-slick head - lets a small part of the man within to come back to the surface. It reaches for His hands again - seeking the security of His restraint, the certainty of His loving control.

His breath is hot on its neck as He leans down to tell it how He loves to see His dog like this: glossy smooth and encased in it's rubber, thighs wrapped and trapped beneath His own, the feel of it beneath Him - its hole surrendered and opened to His pleasure - HIS collar glinting and locked around its neck, and its bearded head half turned so that He can see both its look of hunger and the spreading grin of k9 delight...  His words make it groan in pleasure, grin all the more widely - and sets its hole into a twitching hunger that draws them both back into a world of simple animal passion and hunger.

But He doesn't let Himself cum - not yet.

Finally He lets the dog off the couch - has it kneel, sweat-slick and dripping at His feet, with His meat swollen and heavy held inches from its drooling tongue, its pleading eyes. He makes them both wait for a moment, savouring the need that radiates from its quivering body - it's hunger to give Him the pleasure it craves.

He tells it that He wants to hear it ask for Him: to beg to be fed. It barks up at Him: desperate, hungry, pleading. Master tells it "Good dog: but now I want to hear it in English too" - letting both the dog *and* the boy express their need for Him, their dependence and hunger and surrender to Him as Master and Handler and all. 

It is only after it has pleaded with everything that it is, that He finally lets it taste the true gift of His cum.


Monday, November 15, 2010

A short visit, but very very VERY sweet (part 1)

Sometimes you just have to stop wallowing in 'if only...' and self-pity. So when Sir texted unexpectedly on Saturday to ask if His dog was free for a few hours the next afternoon, i thought: fuck misery and pain, fuck my 'responsibilities' and excuses - and sank to my knees to beg "Yes Sir! Please Sir: fuck me!"

i knew it was only going to be a short visit - and Handler was very specific that He wanted me to arrive fully geared and ready to be on all fours as soon as i arrived (that already had the dog drooling with excitement, and quivering with obedience at His commanding tone); He had a few things to complete first, so He also ordered me to park-up in a lay-by and wait for His 'Here boy!' text before arriving at the house. i spent a very excited 15 minutes stewing in my rubber, drifting to my dog-programming hypnosis-file on the car-stereo, waiting for that text - a perfect time just letting myself drift so that the long-sleeping dog-mind in me could stir and reawaken - and leap to obey when the text came...

He opened the door in His beautiful SF Cop uniform and high, shiny boots - one look and the dog was HIS instantly and without question (or need for all that hypnosis!).

Gods but He was born to wear that uniform - and when He put on the matching cap and fur-collared leather jacket - what could the dog do but bark it's excitement to tell Him how perfect and amazing He looked - and how the dog was His for as long and as deep as He could ever wish (just please: keep the cap on! ;) )

He calmed me down - and ordered me to complete my transformation: adding my tail, putting on my hood and waiting quietly with my neck bowed and ready to accept His collar. The click of the lock that sealed me into the rubber and down into my canine-self was the most releasing sound i have heard in months: it let me know that i was now simply His dog - His rubber-pup - with no other reality, thought or responsibility until He released me again. And it just felt so *good* to be back in rubber - back as my doggy-self again: glossy and black, encased and transformed - His perverted rubber-dog once again...

i knew Sir had something fun planned - and so when He called me to the door and onto the drive, i obediently trotted out into the day-light on all fours and hopped into the car like a proper pup - eager to see where my man was taking His pup for our walk this time. We drove down into Bristol - and finally stopped by a club entrance in one of the main side-streets - which is when i was finally able to see that Sir was taking me to the SWAMP afternoon fetish event. There were a few sounds of interest from the small mixed crowd by the doorway when Handler came to the back of the car and a human dog hopped out into the street, then trotted into the club beside it's Master - proud and unconcerned, with it's tongue lolling from it's hood, it's glossy black rubber skin shining in the sun, and it's tail wagging excitedly in it's arse...! ;)

Sir had me 'Sit - stay!' by the desk whilst He went to park the car - i was a good pup, and did as i was told (even though i was also a friendly pup to the couple of people who came in whilst He was gone - although i was distracted, keeping one doggy-eye on the door, hoping He would be back...!). Everyone laughed when the dog gave Him a happy 'yip' when He did come back - paid - and led us up the stairs and into the market itself.

SWAMP is a predominantly straight, mixed BDSM/Fetish event - with a market in the afternoon, followed by a play-party in the evening. Most of the people come to the afternoon event in 'street-dress' - and so Sir raised a lot of appreciative interest having come so beautifully attired in His uniform, with a fully canine human trotting at His heals :)  We had great fun walking around, catching up with a few of Sir's friends and chatting to stall-holders - with Sir parting the crowds and the dog trotting along behind Him, avoiding being trodden on whilst also managing a few sniffs at interesting boots and giving quiet 'wuffs' to friendly people (not to say lapping up all the attention, pats and strokes); we even had a small crowd taking photos and videos when the pup was playfully growling and barking at a leather dog-hood on the JDL leather stall (owned by Sir's friends, John and David)...

We stayed for a little while - and had a wonderful long chat with two nice women who had brought their stall to the event for the first time - and who were amazed how friendly and welcoming the community was; they also made a *huge* fuss of the dog - which earned them extra points :D

It was a great afternoon - but finally Sir asked if the dog was ready to head home - and since the dog knew what *that* meant, it eagerly barked it's agreement, and trotted back down the stairs and into the street - following Him back to the car, oblivious of the looks of startled passers by, and thinking only of how it would serve Him once we got home...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A quick update

Not been much to report again over the last while - Handler is busy and i'm swamped with work (and my back has been bad again), so we've not been able to see each other since the quick trip to Weston.

Truth to tell, we've both been so busy we've barely even managed to exchange txts...!

Still - i did pass my teaching post-grad (*more* letters after my name!), so it's not all been gloom and drudgery. And my partner and i got a parrot.... ;)

i do miss the simple comfort of just being His pup though - the open and honest pleasure of opening up to Him, body and mind; of dissolving into pup-space and being filled with only the thought of His pleasure - the joy in making Him laugh or growl or pant in pleasure. The pure and perfect completion of knowing He is enjoying my company, my service, my friendship and devotion - the delight in hearing his 'Good boy!', or the feel of His stroking hand, and knowing without words that He loves His pup as much as His pup loves Him.

The zen of being pup - and being His.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Halloween

Just wanted to wish a 'Happy Samhein' to all my friends and other pagan folk - and share this amazing bit of pumpkin carving by Ruff of Ruff's Stuff.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A jaunt down to Weston

It's been a while again since Handler and I got to see each other - so we took the opportunity of a nice sunny Saturday afternoon (and the dog's first free weekend for a month!), and headed down to Weston for a jaunt on the bike: Man and hound and the open road :))

It was a lovely ride: cold, but beautifully bright and clear. The pup even wore it's branded 'Bootbrush' leathers. We chatted all the way - about work, and interviews, and the scenery, and how good it was to be out together - and how much the pup missed seeing it's Man, but how that absence made the time we have together all the more precious and enjoyable.

Sitting close behind Him - my thighs gripping His through the padded leather - my gloved hands locked around His waist - squeezing Him so hard that it made Him groan and we risked cracking His ribs. Showing with my body and my instincts just how much His dog loves Him...

Weston beach
The were lots of bikes about as we got to Weston - and the pup finally learnt that it's Man had preplanned for us to be there because of the Weston Endurance beach Race. We got there a bit late, so most of the races were finished, but it was still great fun to wander around the pits, window-shop through all the MX stalls, and perve at the guys in their muddy MX boots and gear.

Best of all was strolling proudly beside my Man - seeing guys reading my name on my leathers and double taking when they saw my collar, padlock and dog-tag...

Weston's 'big wheel'
We only stayed a little while - long enough to stroll along the front and see the sun begin to set; we had hoped to go for a tea and warm-up at the Cliffs Tea Rooms - but we headed off along the Keystoke road and took the long route home via Avon Gorge and Clifton instead...
Avon gorge - with the illuminated bridge and moon

The Avon gorge is a beautiful road - high cliffs, the river winding between them - and the bridge illuminated high above.  But Handler had other things than scenery in mind...

We stopped by one of the lay-bys - the dog thought it was to oggle the climber just packing away his ropes, but Sir's voice came stern through the head-set: "Get off boy - in there. Now."

i clambered off and started to pull off my helmet - and almost whimpered when He then drove off. He couldn't have abandoned His dog?!?

i looked around, worried and confused - and then realised that in the ditch beside me was standing a ramshackle bunker: almost invisible where it was tucked under the cliff, and hidden by ivy...! My Man had not abandoned me - He had just found a spot where He could let His dog service Him undisturbed - and was now finding a place to hide the bike a little further down the road.

i slipped into the dark, leant against a wall, and waited for Him to return...

i didn't have to wait long - i could hear the stride of His boots and the creak of His leather along the road - then His silhouette was framed in the broken doorway, and His growl filled the space. He moved towards me, backed me against the wall - pinned me there with a booted leg pressed into me and His gloved hands against my shoulders. i stared up into my own reflection in the dark of His visor - smelt the warm musk of His leather - felt the strength in His gloved hands - and whimpered once more: but this time with shere animal arousal. i opened my body and mind to Him - to the space and the image, to this fantasy: the Biker and His pillion boy - alone in a seedy ruin beside the road, knowing no-one can see or hear - the anonymity of darkness and leather, dominance and submission... 

He reached to unzip His jacket - unbuckle His jeans; i took the sign and sank obediently to my knees. At the touch of His glove upon my head i leant forward - breathed the musk and heat of Him, let it work it's way deep into my brain, groaned as the dog in me awoke and stirred within the tightness of my own leather armour. My hands reached for His thighs - to feel His strength, but also to steady myself as my head spun with hunger and excitement. His own hunger showed in the hardness of His meat and the strength with which He pulled His dog's muzzle down onto it - pushing it down onto His hardness and growling at it's choking gasp as it struggled to swallow and breathe.

His hands held my head still - His hips grinding as He plowed into my throat - i was dizzy with the hunger and urgency with which He took His pleasure from His dog - the dog equally aroused and hungry to serve Him in response. He took pity, pulled back - let the dog breathe and cough; i barked my pleasure to Him, rocking back on my heels to grin up at Him with drool and precum wet in my beard and chin. His one gloved hand slowly stroked His meat whilst He towered over His dog in the gloom, visor reflecting the passing headlights when they flashed through the cracked bricks and holes of our hideaway. He held His meat up and away: revealing His balls, newly shaved and churning with sweet man-cum - inviting His dog's muzzle to lick and caress, mouth and chew; i could hear His panted grunts inside the helmet as i worked my face and tongue deep and hard - sucked and licked and worshiped His body and deepened His hunger all the more...

And then He was holding it's head steady once more - cupped gently within those strong gauntleted hands - His meat surrounded in the wet all-embracing warmth of His dog's mouth and tongue - both Man and hound frozen on the delicious edge of His satisfaction... teetering for an eternity before the final and inevitable explosion of His pleasure - thick, salty-sweet, an endless pumping stream of completion and satisfaction - every last seed hungrily sought and gratefully taken.

Finished, sated - hugging His dog's head to His legs - stroking and praising him for being such a good boy - making it feel so proud, so complete. Helping it to it's feet - letting it bury it's head inside His jacket for a moment - hug Him tight and thank Him for letting it please Him.  Man and hound slipping back out onto the road - finding the bike (and the dog taking a photo of Him with the moon rising above the suspension bridge).

Back through Clifton and on home - late for dinner, and the dog having to sheepishly apologise to Handler's partner for keeping Him late and distracted. Leaving instructions for the little 'gift' it had made to help Him with the interviews and work stress - and reminding Him that His dog has faith and confidence that He could dazzle and charm His way into *any* job - the same as He has charmed His way into His dog's heart and soul.

A sad little farewell - and then home to my own partner - and a cheeky late supper of Simpson's chips... :)

A wonderful, intense, unique afternoon. Thank you Sir!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A blogging anniversary

i can hardly believe that it's been two years since i first thought of setting up this blog - tentatively sending my first post, unsure if i had anything of value to say and doubtful i would ever post another. Yet here i am over 100 posts later - and with an average of 150 hits a day...!

It still amazes me that you are reading and enjoying my ramblings and thoughts - but i really do want to thank you all for being there, and for giving me the reason and purpose to write. It is an honour to be able to share my experiences and thoughts - and to know that my Pride and excitement at being my Handler's pup is read, acknowledged and understood.

Thank you all - and here's to many more years!

RubberGTR's devotedly perverted pup

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Flags and symbols

When we we up in Hallamshire, Handler was most impressed by a sexy leather-dog who had a lovely leather pride dog-tag on his collar.

Since then, i've been fiddling with ideas for a tag based on several of the leather-pride/dog-pride flags - what do you think...? (the last one is perhaps a more suitable one for a rubber-pup...? ;) )





leather puppy-pride

rubber-pup pride

Saturday, October 02, 2010

A couple more videos from yesterday

i uploaded a couple of videos from yesterday's visit to Modern Body Art: one of Geoff/tattdragon getting some outline, and one of me having colour. Enjoy ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moving like a dog - amazing what you find on YouTube..

This vid was posted up on PupZone - they are basic Parkour exercises for strengthening the shoulders and core, and for teaching basic quadrupedal movement.

This is also the *perfect* way to move as a pup for any distance, and at speed.

i know, cos it's how i have always moved about as a pup: braced forward on my hands with a flat back, running up on my toes and driving with my legs - it's just a much more natural and fluid movement that clattering along on my knees... the extra bonus is that it makes your arse higher than your head, so your Handler gets a nice view of your tail-plug wagging with every stride ;)

Watch - learn - and practice...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A weekend in Yorkshire (with MSC Hallamshire): Sunday

(Previous posts: Friday and Saturday)

Sunday was a long slow wake up: brunch wasn't arranged until late morning, so the dog and it's Man had plenty time to lounge in bed and keep themselves occupied...

i love waking up slowly like that: drifting awake from puppy dreams to find my Man gently stroking and teasing his dog's cock and balls. i find myself licking His wrist and hand: still half asleep and yet driven by puppish need. He gently takes hold of my collar - uses it to turn me to face Him so my head can rest on His chest and my muzzle can be lost in the warm rich musk of His pelt: licking tongue seeking out his pits to humph and sigh and drink in His scent - wriggling and grinding my drooling meat against His thigh and lost in puppy-bliss. i scoot down to find His nipples - meaty and hard amongst the thick fur - lick and mouth, nip and bite, and whine at the grunted sounds of pleasure He gives in response...

He gently guides me to sit astride Him - muzzle deep in His neck as i nuzzle and lick at His beard, His ears, His face and nose - making eager little yelps and wuffs - chatting away in puppy-speak, and hardly even aware that i am doing it... i am simply lost in the feel of Him under me, around me: my puppy-cock pressed against His tummy and rubbing into His fur.

He knows i've had trouble with my fuck-hole, and would never ask nor demand - yet the pup in me seems not to know what my head worries about: it can feel Him hard and pre-cum slick between us, and the feeling drives away all thought and pushes me deep into a simple primal k9 need to be bred and fucked. i find myself gently pushing my hole back against Him - wriggling so that He slides back and forth against my ring and between my legs - whimpering my hunger to Him and begging Him to let me serve Him.

i know He does not want to hurt me - but the pup in me is beyond caring anymore. He promises He'll be gentle - teases and toys with my hole: seeing if i might be too distressed to have it invaded - but the pup wriggles and moans above Him: the boy may be unsure, but the dog knows what it needs. i hear Him growl in appreciation when His probing fingers find the dog's hole warm and inviting...

He turns the pup onto it's front - rubbers and lubes Himself - and feels the pup arch it's back in greeting towards Him. Both Man and dog on all fours, He slowly enters His dog's hole. Gentle at first - true to His word, He simply lets the dog get used to the feel of Him inside it. Listens to it's deepening breathing - feeling it struggle, then simply let go - feels it surrender and relax and open for Him: taking Him in, hungry to give Him all the pleasure it's body can give...

He enjoys the feel as His pup slowly moves beneath Him - exploring the different feelings it can give Him by twisting and wriggling, clenching and relaxing - every new sensation accompanied by moans and growls... Carefully He pushes His weight down onto of the dog's back - slowly pushes it down onto it's belly - His legs wrap around it's ankles, arms reach up to hold it's arms: gently pinning the dog underneath Him with His strength and weight. Holding it trapped and whining, He slowly starts to force His way deeper into it's hungry body - finds it eager and open, struggling against the restraint of His body to push itself closer against Him - whining to have Him deeper inside it...

His arms hold it's head, elbows brace against it's shoulders for purchase - His hand has to cover and muzzle it's mouth to stiffle the barks and howls that it shouts in it's excitement.

Fucking His dog - drilling it down - taking His pleasure from it's body and from it's total surrender to Him. Talking to it - muttering His own hunger into it's ear as He mounts and breeds His pup - feels it's body writhe and sweat beneath Him as it struggles to take Him deeper and harder - striving to give Him all that it has...

Waking the dog within His boy and taking the limit of His pleasure from it's body and soul.

It might have been hours - could even have been days; a dog has no concept beyond the moment - and that moment can last for eternity. All i really remember is slowly coming awake in the warmth and security of my Man's arms some time later - Him stroking my head and thanking His dog for making Him so happy and proud... then giving it a playful cuff and telling it to go make Him some tea :)

A leisurely wash and shave (finding that the hotel shower had a convenient built-in seat, just made for bouncing a pup on one's knee...!) - a quick pack, and then we had to head back to Richard and Andy's for brunch.

And an amazing brunch it was! Beautifully home-cooked on their amazing Range: a proper biker's full English (veggie sausages for the dog of course!) with copious tea - eaten sat around the kitchen table and accompanied by banter and chat, anecdotes and reminiscences.

It was a shame to have to leave and head back - but we had a ways to go, and so the pup struggled into another few layers - waved the guys a sad goodbye, and headed off towards 'the South'...

i've said it over and over - but every time i mean it with every fibre that i have: thank you Sir. For letting me meet and know Your friends - for letting me share a little part of Your life - for waking the dog inside me, and teaching it all that it is capable of. For making me the proudest boy and pup in the world in being given the honour to be collared and owned by the most wonderful and caring of Men.

i am YOUR dog Sir - and PROUD to be so.

A weekend in Yorkshire (with MSC Hallamshire): Saturday's bike run

(previous post: Friday)

Dog-Handler MC Display team!!

It's always a drifty, drowsy, blissful sleep with my Handler - spooned into the curve of His body, surrounded by the heat and the safety of Him: head nestled on His arm or His chest, feeling the beat of His heart and the rumble of His voice as His croons and whispers His dog into sleep. i always dream such strong puppy dreams with Him: vibrant with images of my own devotion and submission to Him, my absorption into my true k9 nature. The more i relax into that heat and security, the deeper becomes my submission - and the greater the freedom i feel to be simply His dog - His pup. HIS.

It's an interesting and beautiful head-space: freed from any thought or concern for anything other than His pleasure, my surrender. My body responds to Him without any conscious control of my own - and reacts with perfect instinct to His unspoken commands. It is a blissful state of pure awareness, fired with deep arousal and suffused by the incredible satisfaction of knowing i am in my true place - loved and loving, owned and protected, serving and pleasing my Man.

But all things have their time - and we were finally had to admit that the day had come, and we had places to go...

The Bike run was due to start at Richard and Andy's home in Rotheram - but that meant we had to find it first... There was a slight mix up with both the directions and the arrangements (including a nice 20mins sitting on the M1 fly-over admiring the view) - but we finally got to try out the bluetooth phone function on Handler's Scala headset, with Tim talking us in through the roundabouts and backstreets of Rotherham.

"Have you seen the size of this rhubarb?!"
Richard and Andy's home was *stunning* - they modestly called it a 'work in progress', but it was the most perfect renovation of a Victorian home i've seen: each room an incredible magpie's nest of beautifully reclaimed Victoriana and incredibly reupholstered furniture and furnishings. We could have spent hours just fingering the nic-nacks - but we had already made everyone late in starting off, so it was a quick cup of tea, then off playing 'follow my leader' and into the moors...

It's amazing that Sheffield and Rotheram can be so industrial - and yet in 15 minutes you are out in the wilds. The run the guys had planned was fantastic: up to the Dewent valley, along the snake pass and over the Pennines, a quick stop at Holmfirth, then Emley moor - and back to Sheffield.

Derwent was amazing - and we had a quick stop for tea (and few photos):

A tea-stop at Derwent: Handler takes a pic of us...
...i take a pic of Him...
(whilst Georgio struggles into his lovely nylon waterproofs)
And Vic takes a pic of us both.
We had a bit of rain - but it didn't last long (although Georgio was persuaded to struggle into his borrowed waterproofs... ;) ), and so we were soon on our way again up the Snake pass. The views here were stunning: equal to anything i've seen in the Lake District - especially looking back along the Ladybower reservoir - but the most amazing point was coming over the summit and down into Glossop, with Lancashire and Manchester spread out ahead of us to the horizon.

We had a fantastic meal at a great little pub - and then made a short rest stop in Holmfirth: where we had a quick look at 'Sid's cafe' (although Handler was more taken by the Ironmongers next door), and Vic kindly paid the 20p for us to use the civic amenities...!

Handler impressed by Sid's cafe
We also made a second stop by the incredibly Big Tower on Emley Moor (and a giggle at the bunch of kids there on their 125s) - and again to make sure everyone was OK just before hitting the M1 back to Sheffield:

Handler and Vic check directions

And gloat at how comfortable the Pan Europeans are.
It was a fantastic run - almost 100 miles, and every one of them suffused with the pure pleasure of being with my Man: chatting and laughing through the com, hugging Him tight over the drafty moors, and growling in pleasure every time He reached back to stroke my thigh.

It really is the most amazing pleasure to be Your pillion-pup and bike-dog Sir - thank you!

By now it was after 4pm - so we all headed back to Sheffield, and split off for a short rest before the planned BBQ at Ian and Tim's at 9pm that evening.

At least - that was the plan: Handler and the pup sneaked back to the hotel for 'a quick snooze' - but the dog got distracted when Sir 'accidentally' dropped an entire pack of melted Maltesers onto His chest, and the resultant mess took quite a while for the dog to lick clean...

It was already 9:30pm when we were woken from the most wonderful sleep by another 'Are you alive?!?' text from Vic (there does seem to be a general theme here, doesn't there...?).

It should have been a simple matter to pull on some gear and make the 30min ride to Renishaw - but somehow we found ourselves on the road to Chesterfield... and then Bakewell... We eventually found a couple of nice policemen at a garage in Mosborough who gave us directions (and who were most interested in the dog's helmet-ears) - and were finally greeted by the most rapturous applause when we got to the guys over 2 hours late...!!!

Ian was very forgiving - and had even kept the dog's veggie lasagna warm! Not that the dog showed any real thanks: giving terrible cheek about his deliciously practiced look of indignant innocence (and earning a little while in it's muzzle for it's pains ;) ). We also got to meet a lovely couple we've not met before - and the dog traded some very sexy growls and nuzzles with the leather-dog of the two... 

All in all, it was another perfect day: great company, fantastic rides, wonderful food - and genuine friendship. 

Thanks guys!!

(Next blog: Sunday)

A weekend in Yorkshire (with MSC Hallamshire): Friday

The long-awaited 'Golden frame' weekend bike-run at last!!

It's been months since the pup has been able to accompany it's Man on a long bike trip - but my back has settled a lot, and Handler said the FUKC guys had missed me at the last event in Bournemouth - so i tried to pack as little as i could, strapped on my lumbar support belt, and carefully clambered on behind my Man... :)

Unfortunately we made a late start in leaving - and the trip up was slower than we'd expected (i blame the Pope!) - so we only got to Sheffield in the early evening, rather than 5pm like we'd planned. The hotel was great - and we got a 12th floor room with a great view - but the guys were already texting to ask if we where still alive, and so we just dropped our bags and headed for the 'Meet and greet' (and didn't have time for the pup to change into it's rubber like we'd hoped).

Neither of us has ever been to Sheffield before - and the dog couldn't read the directions through the dark visor - so we got to see quite a random selection of the City (some of it twice) before we finally stopped a friendly Taxi driver to ask where the hell we were...

We finally got to Club Xes for about 10:30pm. The doorman looked our bike leathers up and down, and said: "Sorry mate, you can't come in: this is a gay club..." - which made Handler laugh and say "How sweet for you to feel the need to inform me of that...!" We finally got him to go check that the MSC were in fact holding their private party there, and he finally came back to sheepishly say "There's a bunch of other guys in leather in there, so you must be OK..." :))

It was a great evening - and everyone was incredibly happy to (finally!) see us. Everyone seemed impressed with the dog's new tattoo - and Tim and Ian were incredibly sexy and Witty as ever:

Tim and Ian make the pup welcome

...and Tim had some very sexy jeans

Handler had been up since 6am, so we didn't get to stay too long - but the buffet was great, and the pup got to sniff and wag it's way around everyone there - and Vic was very good at showing how to make the pup's tail wag...

Vic shows how to fuss a pup and make it's tail wag...
It was a great start to a fantastic weekend - but we were both very tired, and so crept away about midnight - leaving the guys (and the buffet) to the hen-night and the trannies...

Back at the hotel, and Handler scooped the pup in His arms to snuggle it under the duvet: tired and a little sore - but blissfully happy to be where it loves to be, and knows it belongs. Drifting off to sleep in the heat and the safety of His tight embrace - and dreaming of the day and the bike run to come in the morning.

(next blog: Saturday)

Monday, September 20, 2010

MSC Hallamshire

PE MEN: Handler and Vic showing how to ride in style and comfort

Just back from the most wonderful weekend with Handler: up in Sheffield for the MSC Hallamshire "Golden Frame" bike run.

Despite us suffering the occasional 'directional challenge' in finding and getting to a few of the events (is 2-3 hours a bit beyond 'fashionably late'...? ;) ) it was an incredible event - and the guys showed genuine Northern Hospitality. Thanks to Richard and Andy for organising a great ride on the Saturday, and providing a brilliant Brunch on the Sunday; thanks also to Ian and Tim for their hospitality on Sunday (and for keeping the dog's lasagne warm for so long past bedtime! ;)) ). And a thank you too for all the other guys for making this dog so welcome (Vic and Simon and Georgio especially!).

Photos and a more detailed blog will follow later this week - once Handler and i coordinate our cameras...!

Most of all though - i have to thank my Man and my Handler: thank you Sir for making this dog so happy, for telling it so often and so truly that You enjoy it's company - and for waking the dog inside so it can come out to play... ;)

Your dog loves You Sir: balls to bone, and heart and soul.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Making a start on my 'bootbrush' chest tattoo.

A sneak preview of Jo Harrison's design: my collar and tag amongst dog roses. 

Deep in the zone, and the endorphins are flowing.

3.5 hours and we're half done - and i'm a sore but deeply proud pup. 

(More pics on Jo's personal blog: "Home sweet home" )

Thursday, September 09, 2010

A long-awaited visit - part 2

(previous post: A long awaited visit - part 1)

It really was the end of a perfect day - cocooned in my leathers, back on the bike behind my Handler, enjoying the feel of the engine rumbling deep inside me, transmitted through my little glass plug - making me leak into the rubber jock and preparing my hole for pleasing my Man...

Handler was in a talkative mood - chatting through the head-set and sharing with His pup about the terrible accident He had on that road many years back (running into the side of a turning car that hadn't seen him - totalling His Suzuki and leaving Him in Frenchay for several days with head injuries and concussion - not even knowing His partner or family when they came to visit...). i knew of the accident, but He had never spoken in depth about it before - and his pup was silent behind Him: too shocked and horrified at the seriousness of the tale to say anything, and trembling at the thought of how i could have lost Him before He even found me. All i could do was to hug Him tightly - and thank the gods that he survived and came back to us all without damage in the end.

Back home at last - but far later than we had intended (despite the dog nagging it's Man that it was worried about Him and wanted to make sure that he gets enough sleep ;) ). So it was out of the leathers, a quick spruce and tidy-up (dog or not, i think it's a mark of respect to be clean for your Man's pleasure) - and then shyly padding towards the bedroom, where i knew He was waiting...

Nosing open the door - slinking in on all fours with big eyes and a curious whine: the perfect playful pup as i peek around the edge of the bed and give a soft bark to my Man where He sits up, half under the duvet - making my Man laugh with a: "There he is!" - then He pats the bed and i spring up to gently knock Him back into a laughing heap of licking dog and wrestling Man.

Snuggling together - pup spooned against His side, gently stroking Him, nuzzling into His fur and scent - letting myself dissolve into the bliss of being with Him: feeling His heat, washed clean in His scent - the rumble of His voice where my head rests against His chest, and the feel of His strong firm hands where they gently stroke and pet - the feel of His pelt against my naked skin, the contrast of my pale but inked skin against the deep copper of His own.

Feeling His hand entwined in my collar - guiding my muzzle towards the hard bead of His nipple amongst His fur - not needing any more encouragement, as the pup nuzzles and licks: long and slow, hard and quick - teasing and flicking with my tongue - parting the fur so my teeth and lips can encircle that slowly swelling point of His arousal. Rolling it between my tongue and my teeth - gently mouthing, then nibbling - slowly increasing the pressure, the roughness; starting to gently pull my head back so my teeth gently tug His chest outwards and up - then releasing the pressure and returning to nuzzle and lick again. Feeling Him holding my head hard against His chest - encouraging and controlling. Taking his whole nip and chest in my mouth: transformed into an eager pup, suckling at the teat of it's Man's hunger. His hand guiding my head back and forth between each nip - mouth working on one whilst my paws work the other - hearing myself whine and whimper in pleasure at giving HIM such intense pleasure.

Those hands, once again on my collar - wordlessly guiding me down - following the forrest of fur and scent to bury my muzzle in His crotch. Moving my body under His instructing hands so i straddle His belly - haunches high and dog-balls swinging, leaking dog-cock dripping a trail of precum into His pelt. My head already lost in the hunger and bliss of feeding from Him - working Him to unbelievable hardness with my mouth and tongue.

Flipped over onto my back - head tipped back and tongue ready: He rears above me, astride me - looks down at His eager, hungry dog, and then slowly drives down into my willing throat. Counting the strokes again "One.... Two.... Three...." - training His dog's throat to open up and take Him as deep and as long as He wishes it. The dog reaching up to tease and pinch at His nips again - knowing He loves to feel that as He drives us both almost to the edge... and then, carefully, he backs us away from it again...

Turning out the light - turning me over onto my side and gathering me up into His arms again: spooned with my back against His chest and my head upon His arm - wrapped up within the warmth and safety as He nuzzles my neck and croons into my ear. Loving those quiet times, but still helplessly horny - feeling Him hard against my thighs and butt and desperately wanting - NEEDING - to feel Him inside me. Wriggling within His safe embrace - quietly whimpering and panting - hungry puppy tail wagging and bumping back against Him: begging with every fibre of my being...

Hearing Him chuckle: "Puppy wants to fuck?" - rolling over slightly onto my front, one leg cocked under me to wag my hungry hole and head slightly raised so i can look over one shoulder and plead with a whimper. Feeling Him reach for the lube, gloves and condoms - the cool slickness as He gently prepares and teases my hole: one gloved hand probing and teasing as the other gently encircles and secures my hard puppy-cock. Then it's off with the gloves, and He gathers His dog back into His arms...

Rocking myself backwards: tipping my butt and edging my hole towards Him - feeling Him slick and hard as i gently rub the ring of my muscle against His lubed meat: trying to find the perfect angle that will just let Him slide in. Those first few inches that make me gasp - part in pleasure, part in pain - feeling my inexperienced fuck-hole struggle to take Him - feeling Him lie perfectly still: not wanting to hurt His dog and so letting it take it's own time. Feeling myself relax more - settling back into His arms - shuddering at His softly breathed "Good BOY!" - growling back in reply, and gently moving back against Him: exploring the sensation of having Him there deep inside.

And then the unbelievable pleasure as i feel Him start to move in response - gentle and careful at first: testing His pup and it's hunger, how well and how deep it can take Him without pain. Responding to the pup's whines and sounds of pleasure: a little deeper, a little longer, a little harder - moving a little to rest more of His weight against my back - starting to drive harder - the pup feeling the controlling weight of Him against it's back, it's butt, it's thighs. His one hand reaching under to hold the pup's wrists safe in the grip of one hand - the other stroking it's thigh, then gripping it's waist to pull it back and hold it still: making it easier for Him to stroke and grind deeper and faster - the dog whining and panting in response - grinding back against Him - pink tongue seeking out His arm to nuzzle and lick in it's hunger.

His hands turning the dog onto it's front so His weight is full against it's back - His knees pushing the dog's legs apart, then wrapping around them to pin it down into the bed; still holding it's hands, He draws them up over it's head - so it is spreadeagled beneath Him: pinned and controlled, covered and protected. It moans and barks as He drives down into it - His full weight now, forcing it to take Him deeper and harder - He leans and whispers into it's ear: "I'm going to fuck you, pup - all the way: I'm going to make you take my seed".

The dog can only bark and growl it's surrender - too deep and too hungry to even remember the words for "Please. Yes. SIR!".

Long and deep. Hard and slow. Stroke after stroke. The dog pinned beneath Him, pressed under the weight and strength and POWER of it's Master, it's Man. Giving itself to Him - bred by Him, filled with Him, surrendered to HIM - no longer able to tell the difference between pain and pleasure: only feeling heat and weight and hunger and passion - barking and trying to writhe within the iron grip of His body - adding to His own hunger, feeding His control...

Fucking for what feels like hours: oblivious and careless of time or meaning - become only each moment, each thrust and pant and whimper. But finally, hearing the strain in His voice and feeling the tension building within Him: knowing that He was coming close... Pushing my hole back as hard as i can - trying to twitch and clench my muscles, and hearing Him groan in pleasure - feeling Him strain to push deep inside, then hold Himself still at the deepest point: a moment where we both seem to hold our breath - and then the incredible feeling as He throbs and pumps inside me - a feeling i have never had of such complete bonding: my very soul filling up with the power of Him, the strength of His juices pumping deep into my heart...

And then, spent, He rolls us both over gently onto our sides. Still deep inside His pup - still hard and twitching - He gathers it back into His arms, enfolds it in the scent and musk of His masculinity. His arms the protection which rewards it's surrender - He touches it's collar and breathes onto it's neck: whispers His praise and Pride in His pup and it's selfless efforts to please Him.

And finally - both exhausted, complete - we fall gently into a perfect sleep: Man and hound, Master and boy.

He is still inside me when we wake the next morning...

Monday, September 06, 2010

A long-awaited visit to my Handler (at last!) - part 1

Finally! My back has been slowly getting better - and since it didn't give me any trouble after the last short (damp) ride out, Handler decided that maybe His pup was well enough to come stay for a little play-time...

i was very good - and *tried* not to bring my entire collection of gear: just my rubber pup-suit, a few toys - and leathers in case we went out on the bike again... But i did also wear my nice new leather kilt from UnionKilts. Handler *loved* it! (i know His partner is partial to a kilt too, so i did have an idea He might enjoy His pup unbifurcated ;) ) - and His pup loved the way He kept stroking and patting the soft buttery leather over it's arse and crotch...

i always both love and hate the drive down to see Him: the excitement and nerves, the expectation and impatience - the human driver having to carefully ignore the eager puppy leaping about within my core, thinking only of dashing to it's Master's side. But love or hate that drive, it is always completed in perfection: when He opens the door with that smile and a growled "There's My dog...!" and opens His arms to gather His dog back into where it belongs...

Amongst all the intensity and play, there is still nothing quite like those first few moments in my Handler's arms: as He strokes and pets my body and head, rocks and croons me down from the world and into my true self. Nuzzling into His chest and getting the first scent of Him, feeling His heat and strength - and the love and protection He gives - allowing it all to wash over me, to melt away all our worries and concerns - to surrender and open the door to let the *pup* out for Him.

And then it was up into the playroom (not quite scampering up on all fours, but still with a spring in my step ;) ) - and *almost* leaping up onto the couch-bench. Lying back with Him at the head - spreading the kilt and gently easing my head back and over the edge - eager to show Him that neither my tongue nor my throat have forgotten how to please Him. My hands reaching for Him to cup and embrace His thighs, to draw Him towards His pup's waiting muzzle - slowly, slowly - letting Him feel the warmth of my breath first, then the gentle tentative probings and tastings with my tongue; nuzzling His thighs, mouthing and gently licking His balls (and letting His cock also gently rub against my beard) - hearing His sigh and feeling His hands come down to stroke my cheek and cup my chin - taking each tasty globe in my mouth - sucking and licking and chewing and pulling - gently working Him up, getting His juices flowing just as He likes it. Long slow licks over His balls, onto His shaft - warm, wet dog-tongue tracing the full length of His masculinity and power - loving Him, tasting Him, worshiping Him, pleasing Him - *teasing* Him...

Then, finally - taking Him into my mouth - the sweet taste of His pre-cum and the overwhelming scent of His arousal starting to make *me* lose control now too - wanting Him in me, deeper, longer, harder - my thighs grinding into the bench and my crotch dry-humping air in subconscious hunger... my whole awareness focused on the sex of my mouth and throat - teasing with my tongue: exploring, tasting, massaging - a rippling welcome carpet down into my hungry and waiting throat.

Each time deeper - letting Him feel the back of my mouth whilst my tongue curls back to tease under His glans, then sweeping back along the whole length of Him to lick and tease again. Over and over - feeling Him getting harder, hearing Him breathing deeper, starting to growl - taking the sign and opening my throat to Him at last: knowing that once we start neither of us will want Him to finish until He is done...

Training the dog's throat - counting the strokes: "one.... two.... three...." slow and careful at first, not wanting to hurt His dog, but needing to teach it that it is Him who is in control now - the final "ten..." of each sequence held longer, filling and completing me - relaxing my throat deep inside and us both feeling it part and open for Him. That delicious feeling that i have no need to breath - that i could subsist via osmosis just through Him being there filling me, completing me...

Sometimes taking a break - letting the dog get it's breath and it's throat to recover - both sitting up on the coach, legs astride: pup enfolded in His arms whilst He nuzzles and breaths on it's neck - tenderness within the control, love within the surrender...

What feels like hours spent in that blissful pulse and push, ebb and flow - until both Handler and pup have had their fill (although rarely their climax - not yet, not so early in the day when there is still so much more to be done...! :) ).

Then down-stairs to sit on the couch with His pup at His feet, head on His lap - a few simple moments of 'normality' to let us both come to our senses - a chance to catch up a little: to ask after each other's partners, work, 'life'. The unspoken reminder that we are friends who care for each other, just as much as we are Master and hound... Making plans for the next few days (even though we know we rarely stick to them because the dog just get's too distracting... ;) ) - keeping an eye on the weather and deciding if we can head out on the bike for a run - the dog barking excitedly, and so it was out of the kilt and into the leathers and away on the Master's silver steed...


i just love being with Him on the bike - it is so much His natural state. The confidence with which He rides - leaning as one with the machine into corners, effortless and self-assured - the way He seems to grow taller and leaner as soon as He legs grip that saddle: you can tell how much He loves it, how much He is bonded to that thing of steel and freedom - and how much He loves to have His pup behind Him too.

It is such a joy, that it is *almost* my second favourite place to be (after being under Him, or held in His arms ;) ).

Out along the winding roads of Gloucestershire - up onto the Fosse Way with the world sweeping away in grand sweeps and wolds, and the wind whipping the clouds into a perfect sunset. Down into the beautiful valley and mill-town of Nailsworth and on to Stroud - planning a crafty chip-supper on the hills to watch the sun go down, but ending up at a wonderful little Italian Ristorante for the most amazing risotto (and their genuinely *perfect* tiramisu :) ).

Then it was back into the velvet darkness of the isolated hills - the rain staying off and the moon rising to peek through ragged holes in the clouds - heading home again, knowing that a warm bed and my Master's arms where waiting for me.

But that - as they say - is for another entry... :)

(next post: "A long awaited visit: part 2")

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Rubberskin vid

A great new video from Rubberskin on YouTube - and a very strong vac he's got there...!

i would *love* to have this done - only, perhaps with someone on hand to toy with me once i was sucked down and helpless... ;)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A quick (damp) ride

Finally! a chance to get out on the bike with my Handler...!

My back has been feeling a bit better of late and so Handler offered to come give me a short 'taster' ride to see how it would survive a little bike-time - since He had to come down this way to drop His bike in for it's service. He arrived on the CBF1000 courtesy 'loaner': it was so *tiny* compared to the Pan European that He could almost step over it instead of having to climb on/off. Even Handler laughed that it must have shrunk in the rain...

Unfortunately, that turned out to be frighteningly prophetic, because it then proceeded to chuck it down for the next 3 hours; we still headed over to Gloucester to pick up the PE, but it meant that there wasn't much point in heading off anywhere else more exciting. And even though it was an excuse to wear my waterproofs for the first time, the constant downpour left both Handler and pup soggy, wet, cold and a tad fed-up...

Still - despite the awful rain and the dreadful traffic through Cheltenham, it was GREAT to be able to be on the bike behind my Man again - and even a little interesting to experience a smaller, sporty bike (i took my CBT on a CBF125, so i already know they are quite a nice machine); it did feel terribly small and *skinny* though (like riding a broom-stick!) - and it was a relief to be back on the Pan European for the latter half of the ride!

Best of all, my back felt fine - no trouble on the bike, or aching afterwards - so hopefully we'll be OK for the EMC run in Hallamshire later next month!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New leather kilt

Couldn't resist the sale at Union Kilts ( - and *finally* bought myself leather kilt. Nicely made - in high quality but beautiful soft buttery leather - and it feels fantastic... :D

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Simple pleasures


it was a genuine pleasure to see you last night - with You pulling up on the bike all tall and lean and leathered - calling in for a surprise visit to catch up with Your pup and say 'hi' to it's partner.

It really was wonderful to simply be able to sit (carefully!) at Your feet whilst my two Men chatted and laughed: no-one feeling any pressure to perform or impress - just Men enjoying the simple pleasure of sharing each other's company.

i know Your pup has been shy of seeing You - nervous of it's invalided state, and frustrated that it would not be able to be fully pup as it wants and needs to be when it is with You - anxious that *You* would be equally frustrated and nervous of hurting Your dog... But it really was enough just to be able to stroke Your Wulf boots and rest a hand on Your knee - and to feel the subtle thrill from Your gentle stroking of my arm as You talked. It was an incredible reminder of just how deep the Man-and-hound bond runs: no need for collars or paws - everything expressed by just a simple quiet act of affection and friendship, given in response to an equally subtle act of natural submission.

Most off all though - it was a pleasure to see *YOU* relax. i know things have been rough of late - and it pains me to see and hear You feeling overwhelmed by situations outside of Your control. But to see You laughing and making jokes - sharing recollections of early childhood perversity! - well, it let me know that, for a short while at least, we'd helped You unwind and forget. That did as much good to Your dog as i hope it did for You Sir.

Maybe it's true: Sometimes laughter really *is* the best medicine.

Friday, August 06, 2010

A few thoughts on Ownership...

I was recently chatting to another pup who had been in quite a destructive relationship - and who's 'Owner' had used the pup's status as 'dog' to him persuade into accepting emotionall blackmail, physical abuse and financial dependancy: stating "But you wanted to be a dog - and that's how dogs are treated. Dog's don't have rights..."

Finally the pup had the self-preservation to leave - but he did ask me "How do you know when you have found the right Owner...?"

The idea of being 'Owned' can be an attractive and powerful fantasy (for both pup *and* Owner). But don't let the fantasy distract you: it is effectively - and simply - a relationship.

Just like any relationship, it requires Trust and Respect and Honesty - and both parties have to benefit from the exchange and feel enriched by it. It is very easy to get lost in the idea that it's all about being a piece of property or a pet - that you are 'just a dog' and that everything is up to the Handler. But that's not even true of being the owner of a *real* dog, never mind a human-pet with a life separate from the play-room...

You can't let the 'BDSM/puppy-play' bit confuse you too much: -whether you spend all of your time on 2-legs or 4-legs it's still a relationship, and should be judged on similar terms:
  • Do you respect Him - can you trust Him?
  • Does He respect you and consider your own needs (and safety)?
  • Does He treat you as a human being 1st and a dog 2nd?
  • Do you know you are safe (even whilst He pushes and stretches your limits)...?
If you can't honestly answere 'yes' then maybe you are letting your dick rule your head - and that's *never* a good idea...

So, how do You know when you've found the right one?

To me, it's when He treats you with equal care and respect as Dominance - when He shows that your well-being is as important to Him as His getting off - when He encourages You and helps you to become a better *person* as much as a more obedient dog...

It's when you realise that you love Him, and that He is worthy of that love - *and* that He returns that love fully and completely.

It's when you realise that you would do anything and everything for Him - and He knows it and is honoured by it; but you also know that He would never take advantage of that devotion - or of you.

When that happens you really genuinely are 'Owned' - body and soul: a collar is an optional extra  ;)
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