Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i am *SO* proud - a forwarded Recon exchange from the pup's Handler...

From: rubberGTR

To: bootbrush

Hello dog! - I thought my dog might like to read what other men have been saying to it's Man about our last visit to the Hoist. I think that dog might remember C__ - he was the cute guy in rubber and waders on the balcony, who was playing with you whilst your Master and A__ chatted and watched:

From: A___
To: rubberGTR

It was very nice seeing you at the Hoist the other weekend - did you have fun? 

C__ was very taken with your dog (he confessed he had to stop and convince himself that there was a man inside that rubber dog)...

From: rubberGTR
To: A___

Oh we had a great time thanks - could not have failed to as I had my dog with me and we always have fun together - and indeed we like to share that fun with others too.

He will be pleased at your comments from C__ and I forwarded your message on to him.

It was great arriving at the club in the car and opening the back to let the dog out - tail-plugged and hooded and ready to play. I walked him into the club on all fours, and then made him sit by the billiard table while I went back to park the car. There he was, keenly waiting for me when I returned. He later told me (when he was back on 2-legs and allowed to speak) what a good response he had recieved from the other members while I was away: guys passing by giving him a freindly pat on the head, commenting to each other about the cute puppy waiting for it's Master etc etc.

I enjoy walking out with my dog so much . . . .


From: bootbrush
To: rubberGTR
25/Nov/09 06:51

Aw Sir - the dog read that message with a lump in it's throat (and another in it's trousers ;) ). It means so much to Your pup to hear You say such things to other Men, Sir - and to know how much You enjoy Your dog's company.

It is also *fantastic* to read that your Friends had to work so hard to remember that i was a man in a rubber-suit, and not just a real dog. That makes me *very* proud because it means i was so deep in pup-space, and acting so naturally, that all they could really see was just that: an eager and devoted dog, happy to be out for walks with it's Master.

And when i am with you, Sir, i *am* a dog - YOUR dog - and that's all i could ever wish to be.

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