Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i am *SO* proud - a forwarded Recon exchange from the pup's Handler...

From: rubberGTR

To: bootbrush

Hello dog! - I thought my dog might like to read what other men have been saying to it's Man about our last visit to the Hoist. I think that dog might remember C__ - he was the cute guy in rubber and waders on the balcony, who was playing with you whilst your Master and A__ chatted and watched:

From: A___
To: rubberGTR

It was very nice seeing you at the Hoist the other weekend - did you have fun? 

C__ was very taken with your dog (he confessed he had to stop and convince himself that there was a man inside that rubber dog)...

From: rubberGTR
To: A___

Oh we had a great time thanks - could not have failed to as I had my dog with me and we always have fun together - and indeed we like to share that fun with others too.

He will be pleased at your comments from C__ and I forwarded your message on to him.

It was great arriving at the club in the car and opening the back to let the dog out - tail-plugged and hooded and ready to play. I walked him into the club on all fours, and then made him sit by the billiard table while I went back to park the car. There he was, keenly waiting for me when I returned. He later told me (when he was back on 2-legs and allowed to speak) what a good response he had recieved from the other members while I was away: guys passing by giving him a freindly pat on the head, commenting to each other about the cute puppy waiting for it's Master etc etc.

I enjoy walking out with my dog so much . . . .


From: bootbrush
To: rubberGTR
25/Nov/09 06:51

Aw Sir - the dog read that message with a lump in it's throat (and another in it's trousers ;) ). It means so much to Your pup to hear You say such things to other Men, Sir - and to know how much You enjoy Your dog's company.

It is also *fantastic* to read that your Friends had to work so hard to remember that i was a man in a rubber-suit, and not just a real dog. That makes me *very* proud because it means i was so deep in pup-space, and acting so naturally, that all they could really see was just that: an eager and devoted dog, happy to be out for walks with it's Master.

And when i am with you, Sir, i *am* a dog - YOUR dog - and that's all i could ever wish to be.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thoughts on a windswept weekend...

Blimey - what a wet and windy weekend it was in London for the Lord Mayor's show (photo's in the Nov 16th blog-post)...

It was a shame about the weather being so bad - Handler felt it was too gusty and dangerous to take the bike, so we had to drive down - M4, bad weather, Friday night - not the best idea perhaps: it took nearly 5 hours to get there, and the dog felt *genuinely* guilty at it's Man having to do so much driving, at the end of a busy shift...! :(

Still - the dog *loved* the parade on Saturday - despite the gales and rain: standing in the rain in it's damp leathers, protected from the worst of the gales by it's Man's strong warm body at it's back - both of us bobbing and foot stomping to the marching bands (and the dog eyeing up all those shining riding boots and stern-faced mounted Huzzars...!); the RAF guys in their branded leathers where kinda sexy too...!

Then heading for a pizza to warm up - Handler giving the dog a playful cuff when He caught it all puppy-eyed and gazing at Him with devotion across the restaurant table (and greedily watching Him down another pint of lemonade...)

Shame that they cancelled the fireworks - but it was fun donning my 'Art Librarian' hat and dragging my Handler around Tate Modern instead... The deep, womb-like Unilever installation by Miroslaw Balka was an interesting experience - especially standing at the end in the velvet dark-room blackness, wrapped in my Handler's warming arms, watching with dark-adapted eyes whilst the plebs shuffled and squeeled and blindly bumped into each other...

And then all those *other* moments - with my Man as His devoted rubber-dog and faithful k9 companion...

Shamelessly singing and howling along to Abba on the car stereo, whilst Handler shook His head in disbelief... Snuggled up warm under the duvet after the parade - not wanting to be a tease, but also somehow unable to fight it's natural desire to wriggle and squirm and grind it's hole back onto it's Man - despite the relentless 'trouble' that always seemed to result... Dozing and waking to find myself still wrapped safe in His sleeping arms, with His meat still burried deep in my pup-hole... Sat astride Him on the bed, rubbered and sweat-slick after the club, muzzle burried and wuffing into His pits as it helplessly humped it's dog-cock into His belly and smeared it's dog-spunk into His pelt... Stopping at the nighttime Service Station, climbing out of the car to quietly kneel in the dark whilst He emptied His lemon-tanged piss into my waiting throat...
'Transforming' in the hatch-back boot of the car on our way to the Hoist on the Saturday night: climbing in as a man at one end, and trotting out as a fully-formed rubber-dog at the other...

WUUFF!! it was amazing to be able to experience arriving at the Hoist as a proper rubberdog like that - i even got to pad along the pavement and into the club on all fours, fully muzzled and collared and tailed so that everyone from doorman to waiting members saw and reacted to me as nothing more than my Handler's pet dog for the whole night... it felt mean to wait whilst He went to park the car, but amazing to see how everyone quietly left me were my Handler had collared me and told me to "STAY!" - each new guy just giving the odd passing pat on my hooded head, or a 'sweet puppy!' comment...

Sir, Your dog is pleased and proud that You had so many compliments: it always feels so good to be so naturally and simply Your obedient dog that Men comment on our 'Man-and-dog bond' like that - it lets me know that i am doing You proud, and being simply myself, Your dog - as i should be...

And as for the greedy, envious (and sometimes disaproving) looks that we got when the dog quietly knelt and took Your piss, and then deep-throated You without comment or complaint - just Your hand gently letting it know how long and how deep it should go... or the guy who was fascinated watching the dog as it spent hours of quietly focused mouthing and licking, keeping it's Master happy and hard - but who was then so incredulous that it could do so and not 'be drugged out of it's brain!' (i ask - what dog needs chemical stimulants when it has it's Man and His scent and taste?!?). Well - those looks and comments were equally as pleasant to the dog, and made it feel Proud to be able to demonstrate it's training and devotion...

So - thank You for another wonderful weekend Sir - for giving us *both* time away from the humdrum and stress of work and our mortgaged-lives... Thank You for proudly displaying Your dog to Your friends - and for letting the dog wear Your collar for all to see.

Thank You, Sir, for telling the dog that You genuinely enjoy it's company - whether as simply a fuck-toy, Your rubber-dog, or faithfully friendly companion. You make me feel better than anything else in my life right now - and for that i am, and always will be:

YOUR dog - bootbrush

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Less than human...?

"When i'm pup, i'm released from all the stresses and angst of my human life, and have a simple zen-like focus on my Man and making HIm happy; curiously, i don't experience that as a lessening of myself or a degredation: i don't feel less human, just more pup..."

It's funny - many people see a pup and think that they are being degraded or humiliated by their role. They often see the play in terms of BDSM and humiliation scenes - that the pup is being *made* to act like a dog, or is being treated *as though* it were an animal; that it has been 'de-humanised' and turned into a beast...

But for pups like me, that's not fully the case. Our pup-hood is a voluntary and gleefully embraced identity. i'm not forced to be an animal, since i already know that i *am* an animal (we all are!). Culture, Society, life - they are all good things, but they do sometimes wall us in behind Expectations and Social morays, Deadlines and Analysis - they distance us from our very real and very natural mammalian selves - and it's needs and desires.

Being pup allows me to re-embrace that self - and so i thankfully kneel to accept my Handler's collar anew every time. That collar does not remove me from myself or rob me of my humanity: it allows me to pull inwards from the distractions and busy-ness of my ordinary life, and to embrace a deeper, more focused and emotionally freer state. i let go of distractions, let go of thinking and rationalising - and simply let HIM become my prime focus.

On one level, it *is* very like Zen. No-one would ever think to suggest a monk dehumanises himself through taking the robe; robe or collar - we both remove distractions and focus ourselves on a simpler life led for the glory of another...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lord Mayor's Show


Despite gales and lashing rain, we still managed to make it up for the Lord Mayor's Show. No bike this time (that would have been suicide!) - which meant the most horrendous drive in: how does *anyone* live in London and not abandon 4 wheels for 2?!?!

Still, the parade was fun, despite traffic jams and parking nightmares - and the dog certainly enjoyed all the stirring marching bands (and all those stern-faced mounted Horseguards and their shiney big black boots...!!!)

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