Thursday, October 22, 2009

A perverse fantasy... [for ForgeLives]

Piggy rubber-pup in the morning - perving to the 'Mr October' of the Invincible rubber calendar - There's just somethin about that long apron, the gloves and waders - the eyes staring cold and possessive over the mask - the head-fuck in the idea of being operated upon, tested, adapted...

Imagining this rubber-clad Master - and myself bound and restrained within His lair: IV in my arm, pumping a coctail of pyshotropics and steroids into my bloodstream - my head encased in a VR helmet that pumps porn and subliminal messages into my seething brain... The drugs and the hypnosis and the perverse desire bluring the edge between reality and fantasy, humanity and porn - makin me trip my face off...

Losing myself to the trip - to the voice and the rubber - drooling into the hood and staring with blank empty eyes as it all pumps deeper and deeper into me, pushes me further and further from any sense of reality or self or humanity - filling my brain with only lust and dependent need.

Feeling the rubber come alive - squirming over my helpless writhing body, seeping through the pores, worming into my mouth and arse and piss-slit - pulsing into every cavity, filling me up... my body throbbing with pain and perverse hunger - eyes covered, glossed over, blank and empty - mouth stretched in a scream, as the rubber-tide rises up and over my lips, down my throat. My whole face becoming an unrecognisable blob of rubber that moves and ripples - layer after layer coating limbs become so heavy and stiff - mounding and molding with rubberised muscle until it looks like some roided muscle-monster - the mind within assaulted on every side - programmed deeper and deeper into pure and empty service for the Man who sits behind the console and controls the whole process - who moves in the shadows, greedily watching my dehumanisation and hybridisation into an object, a mindless rubberslave dependent on Him, obedient to Him - addicted only to the pure bliss of HIS pleasure...

Mutated into a rubber-encased object - a tireless rubber-toy devoted only to the pleasure of the perverted mind that has taken and transformed me - utterly removed from humanity: no identity, no history, no face but the rubber that encases it and transforms it into a dehumanised object for it's Master's pleasure...

The rubber-creature finally released from it's bonds - so utterly changed that it has regressed to a worm-like state: it's face a simple smooth curve of rubber - no visible eyes or nose or features - it's throat a slick rippling tube in the center, ready and eager to be filled and fucked and pissed into. Body pumped and swollen within the rubber - devoid of humanity, warped by the rubber and it's service into that of a worm that lives only to satisfy it's Master's primal urges: a warm, soft, slick, wet hole, nothing more - the perfect rubber fuck-tube for the Master to dump His fluids into - greedily sucking with grunts and squeels and animal sounds - incapable of anything but greedy worship of the master who has abused and warped it's body and mind to His service...

Lost in the fear and perversity of that thought: finally and completely become nothing more than an object - my Master's kinky possession, devoid of any humanity or consiousness. Used for His pleasure, then stored away with His gear - hung up amidst His leather and rubber - connected to pumps and pipes that sustain it's limited rubberised life - mute, blind, senseless - aware of nothing but the vague passing of time before it is taken out again to be pumped and fucked and used once more...

(An expanded version of this story is now up on


  1. Babe, have you been sniffing the Toilet Duck again? I told you to keep a window open when you're cleaning the bathroom!

  2. hehe - doh! Thought i was feeling a bit groggy... :))

    Actually - the fantasy is based on a recent set of rather interesting exchanges with an internet friend - in turn inspired by my 'Assimilation' story on Panskin. So thanks must really go to Him for helping to dredge the depths of my depravity...

  3. Fuck fuck fuck - totally twisted and hot hot hot! Damn I love the way you think brush. I am really hard now.

  4. WUUFFF!! thanks Alex - always good to know my perverse ramblings hit a chord elsewhere ;)

    I've expanded on this story a bit - and the fuller version is now on the 'Stories' page at my site.


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