Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back to reality...

A crazy week at work - budget cuts, redundancies, nasty rumours and low staff-morale - exhaustion and depression bleeding all purpose and life from the world to leave it - and me - grey and colourless...

And then, a simple message on Recon from my Handler:

"Just saying good morning to My dog!"

the whole day turns around: i know my Man is thinking of His pup - which in turn wakes the pup inside of me - and i can feel my tail wag and the grin spread on my face like the sun bursting out of the clouds!

Sometimes we really *do* over-complicate our lives, don't we? We let our well-being become blighted by phantoms and fears of what may be (and even fantasies of what we might think we desire...) - we become so overwhelmed by the mess in our heads that we forget the *real* stuff: the steady beat of your heart, the breath in your lungs - the knowledge that you are loved and thought well of by those who *matter*. When you are reminded to live in *that* reality, all the phantoms fade into fluttering shadows...

And so - thank you Sir: for that inconsequential little message - it reminded me of what is important - and *genuinely* made Your dog's day!

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