Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ace Cafe Reunion run / Brighton Burn up

A few pictures from this years Brighton Burn Up - and the first time the pup's been there.

The dog has never seen so many bikes (and bikers) in one place before - Handler had warned the pup on the ride down, but they were literally everywhere: parked on the pavements and traffic islands, queued 20 deep at every junction and traffic light, filling the town with sound and chrome and leather - it was utterly amazing - and that was even before we got to the sea-front and found 3,000 parked 5 deep along the whole 3 mile stretch!

Best of all was being able to walk through the crowds at my Man's side - He resplendent in His leathers and Steel-plate AlpineStars, His dog in it's branded 'bootbrush' leathers and t'shirt - collar and padlock and leash proudly displayed and a grin on it's face for the incredulous look from every fucked-up het (and an even bigger one for those who saw and knew and nodded...)

Thank You Sir - it was a fantastic day that topped a perfect weekend - even if the dog was sore in all the right places after 6 hours in the saddle....!

(and thank *you* Geoff for letting me go, even though it *was* our anniversary ;) )

(and, sorry BrightonBoss, Sir, for not getting our shit together to meet up like we'd originally planned :( )

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