Monday, August 03, 2009

What a pup is - part 2

I recently had an exchange online with a Top who had seen my pictures and was very taken with the idea of owning a rubberdog 'just like you'. However, after the first exchange of happy 'wuff's', it quickly became clear that he had very little idea of the complexities and responsibilities of owning a dog...

He wasn't unique - i get a *lot* of Tops who contact me thinking there is little sexier than having a boy encased, transformed, dehumanised, reprogrammed and enslaved - and living on all fours as their pet dog-boy for the rest of their lives - and who could blame them, it's one hell of a fantasy!!!

However, life ain't fantasy - and there are a few things any prospective Owner could usefully bear in mind regarding the safety and wellfare of His new pup...:

  • Long term encasement is stressful - physically, emotionally and mentally;
    Sure, it's a sexy thought to have a rubber-encased dog - but his skin can't breathe under all that rubber: sweat, salts and bacteria build up under there, and cause pressure sores and ulcers surprisingly quickly. i'm a pervert, and have built up my exposure to rubber-encasement over time - even so, the longest i've managed continually in rubber was about 24 hours...
  • Being on all fours is stressful - physically, emotionally and mentally;
    Like it or not, we've evolved to be on two-legs - even those who *know* they are pups. Being on all fours puts strain on the lower back, shoulders and neck - not to mention pressure on the knees and wrists. Good quality knee pads and mitts will help reduce this - but still, *some* time up on 2-legs is essential - whether your pup wants it or not!
  • Being a dog can be stressful - physically, emotionally and mentally;
    i know that all pups say how freeing and perfect being a pup can be - but still, long term it *can* be stressful: there is frustration at not being able to express yourself fully, discomfort in being restricted in your movements - hell, you even get bored being kept in the cage with nothing but a chew-toy for company!
    But even moreso: being a pup puts you in a deeply dependant emotional space: your *world* revolves around your Handler/Owner and their pleasure; that's bliss when They are there and you make them proud - but it's more painful than anything you've ever experienced when they have to go away - even for a little while...!

And off course - as the owner of a dehumanised but utterly devoted rubber-dog:

  • *OWNING* a pup can be stressful - physically, emotionally and mentally!;
    When you take on a dog, you take on the responsibility of looking after that dog - here in the UK, you even need a licence to do so! It's no less a responisiblity if you take on a dog-boy - *especially* if you want him to surrender to his primal pup-self - and to YOU:

    If he's going to be a dedicated dog, then what about feeding? (dog food is *not* a viable food source for dog-boys!!!) - or bathing and toilet arrangements? (ever tried cleaning an adult dog's teeth or wiping it's arse...?). And what about going to the shops - or other 'non-kink' locations...?

    And what are you going to tell family and friends - yours and his...?

    As the human in the relationship, it's Your responsibility to keep your pup healthy and happy: to ensure that his rubber isn't damaging his skin, that his posture isn't causing long-term health issues, that he has enough to keep him occupied - and most importantly, that he knows he is *loved*...

This ain't to say that rubberpup-play isn't immensley fun or deeply rewarding - for both Handler and pup - but it does mean sometimes having to take a step back from the fantasy and play. Most of all, it means having to take the responsibility of being an Owner...

Just like owning a real canine pet - having a pup can be a deep joy, but it is also a responisiblity; Look after them well and they will reward You with unquestioning loyalty and total devotion - but before you take home that cute 20 year-old with the big brown puppy-dog eyes and a desire to do *anything* to please You, please, just stop and think for one second: "Will I still love him when he's arthritic and 50...?"


  1. Great post. Having tried several times over the years to live as a full time rubberdog it was refreshing to read your blog.

    Living as a rubberdog is hard on both the dog and trainer in different ways. So many guys into the scene have no idea the effort it takes to make it work. There needs to be a balance between the human and dog life for it to be a success.

    Thanks again for your insight.

  2. Thank you for the comment, dog - nice to know that it's appreciated.

    i think many guys are turned on by the idea: either of being encased and k9'd, or of having someone so enslaved that they become Your 'pet' - unfortunately, few realise the complexities in making that fantasy real (if they actually *want* to make it real - and not just a very enjoyable wank-fantasy...!).

    As with most BDSM, i know i can trust a Top when i know that He has already spent some time trying out what He wants to inflict on me - and so *knows* what i am going through in His service...

    Any Top who has spent even an afternoon in full rubber or on all fours (even if only in the privacy of His own home!) will *know* that a long-term rubberdog still needs some time on 2-legs, or just to kick-back and feel the sun and air on it's naked skin - or time as a human to be able to say 'i love You!' or 'Please Sir - that hurt!'...

    It doesn't make them any less of a dog to make allowances for their human limitations. In fact, it can even be more arousing to occassionally take that time to remind them that they *are* human, and yet have surrendered that humanity to You - and to re-fresh that suurender when they next sink to all fours and submit to their skin...


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