Friday, July 17, 2009

What a pup is - and is not...

Was chatting to a pup-friend the other day, and sympathising with him about the trouble he'd had when a noisy brat of a pup had muscled in on some play. It had me thinking about the upsurge in interest in pup-play - and the fact that for someone new to the scene it's hard to know quite what being a pup is about...

From the outside, Pup-play can look like a fantastic excuse to run around without a care in the world, chewing everything in sight and begging for constant fuss...!

But that's not really pup-play at all: a genuine pup is motivated by it's need to please, it's need for possitive encouragement, and a deep seated urge to explore it's primal self...

It is *not* about being a noisy untrained mutt who thinks only for himself, shoves his nose where it's not wanted - and ends up being a nuisance to himself and to everyone else around him.

Being a pup is *not* an excuse to be a brat - it's not even about getting what you want!

Put simply - being a pup is purely about being the devoted, eager and obedient companion to the Man who owns my collar and holds my leash. It is perhaps less about the physical fact of being on all fours, and more the mental and spiritual space where you give all that you are to the Man who protects you and gives you guidance, and as such becomes the centre of your world - and for whom you find you would do *anything* in return.
Whether on 2 legs or four - in 'civies' or encased in rubber - in a club at His feet, or by His side in the street: i am there to enrich His life and make it more fun and pleasureable - and to gain my *own* pleasure and fullfillment in that - and in the unique bond of love and dependance that exists between Man and hound.
i am not simply His perverted pet either: just like a real dog, i am there to be His friend, helper, confidant, playmate and fuck-pup... i am a dog to my core, but i am also a man - and His boy.

So - if you feel drawn to being a pup, please, don't forget your humanity in the process - or your manners. Don't* be loud or rude or selfish - who would want to own a dog like that?!

But, be polite, be considerate, be attentive and be friendly - and you will find that you won't be stray for long...!

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