Monday, July 13, 2009

More ink!!

Fantastic weekend - back up in Birmingham catching up with Jo (after her surfing road-trip around the west-coast of America) and finishing the last parts of my sleeve: the ink itself was a nice easy 3 hours to finish the last snake and add some *stunning* colour to the beetles at the top of the design.

That's it now: 2 years, and we're now all done! It's always an odd moment when you finish a piece - happy and sad all at the same time: good to be complete, sorry to be finished.

Still - next is the chest. We've already discussed ideas (including wanting my dog-collar snagged in the branches over my heart...), and Jo has taken some tracings to get started on the design itself; she's off to South America for a while again though, so it's looking like we'll only make a start when she get's back in March... ;)

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