Monday, July 27, 2009

"Hide 'n Sea & FUKC Bike Run 2009

Just spent a weekend down in Bournemouth with Handler - joining the FUKC Bike Run, organised by the guys at MSC Bournemouth.

The weekend included BBQ's and brunches (and plenty of blissfull 'quiet-time' back at the hotel), but Saturday was a day-long bike run around Dorset - with 10 bikes taking in Corfe Castle, Shaftsbury, Dorchester and Cerne Abbas.

It was the dog's first formal bike run - and i think it got the taste for being in such a hot pack of hot metal, shining chrome and steaming leather :D (not to mention all those lovely gloved hands to give it a fuss once in a while - even if they *did* keep pinching my dog-treats...!).

Thanks to David and Buzz for organising an incredibly pleasant and enjoyable couple of days - and to the rest of the guys for making a dog so welcome....

But most of all - my *DEEPEST* thanks to my Handler for taking me: Sir, you *KNOW* just how deep that gratitude and devotion runs: i am *proud* to be Your dog, Your companion *and* Your friend.

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