Monday, July 27, 2009

"Hide 'n Sea & FUKC Bike Run 2009

Just spent a weekend down in Bournemouth with Handler - joining the FUKC Bike Run, organised by the guys at MSC Bournemouth.

The weekend included BBQ's and brunches (and plenty of blissfull 'quiet-time' back at the hotel), but Saturday was a day-long bike run around Dorset - with 10 bikes taking in Corfe Castle, Shaftsbury, Dorchester and Cerne Abbas.

It was the dog's first formal bike run - and i think it got the taste for being in such a hot pack of hot metal, shining chrome and steaming leather :D (not to mention all those lovely gloved hands to give it a fuss once in a while - even if they *did* keep pinching my dog-treats...!).

Thanks to David and Buzz for organising an incredibly pleasant and enjoyable couple of days - and to the rest of the guys for making a dog so welcome....

But most of all - my *DEEPEST* thanks to my Handler for taking me: Sir, you *KNOW* just how deep that gratitude and devotion runs: i am *proud* to be Your dog, Your companion *and* Your friend.

Friday, July 17, 2009

What a pup is - and is not...

Was chatting to a pup-friend the other day, and sympathising with him about the trouble he'd had when a noisy brat of a pup had muscled in on some play. It had me thinking about the upsurge in interest in pup-play - and the fact that for someone new to the scene it's hard to know quite what being a pup is about...

From the outside, Pup-play can look like a fantastic excuse to run around without a care in the world, chewing everything in sight and begging for constant fuss...!

But that's not really pup-play at all: a genuine pup is motivated by it's need to please, it's need for possitive encouragement, and a deep seated urge to explore it's primal self...

It is *not* about being a noisy untrained mutt who thinks only for himself, shoves his nose where it's not wanted - and ends up being a nuisance to himself and to everyone else around him.

Being a pup is *not* an excuse to be a brat - it's not even about getting what you want!

Put simply - being a pup is purely about being the devoted, eager and obedient companion to the Man who owns my collar and holds my leash. It is perhaps less about the physical fact of being on all fours, and more the mental and spiritual space where you give all that you are to the Man who protects you and gives you guidance, and as such becomes the centre of your world - and for whom you find you would do *anything* in return.
Whether on 2 legs or four - in 'civies' or encased in rubber - in a club at His feet, or by His side in the street: i am there to enrich His life and make it more fun and pleasureable - and to gain my *own* pleasure and fullfillment in that - and in the unique bond of love and dependance that exists between Man and hound.
i am not simply His perverted pet either: just like a real dog, i am there to be His friend, helper, confidant, playmate and fuck-pup... i am a dog to my core, but i am also a man - and His boy.

So - if you feel drawn to being a pup, please, don't forget your humanity in the process - or your manners. Don't* be loud or rude or selfish - who would want to own a dog like that?!

But, be polite, be considerate, be attentive and be friendly - and you will find that you won't be stray for long...!

Monday, July 13, 2009

More ink!!

Fantastic weekend - back up in Birmingham catching up with Jo (after her surfing road-trip around the west-coast of America) and finishing the last parts of my sleeve: the ink itself was a nice easy 3 hours to finish the last snake and add some *stunning* colour to the beetles at the top of the design.

That's it now: 2 years, and we're now all done! It's always an odd moment when you finish a piece - happy and sad all at the same time: good to be complete, sorry to be finished.

Still - next is the chest. We've already discussed ideas (including wanting my dog-collar snagged in the branches over my heart...), and Jo has taken some tracings to get started on the design itself; she's off to South America for a while again though, so it's looking like we'll only make a start when she get's back in March... ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009


*Proud dog-grin*

Just had some of my rubberdog pics posted up by the gorgeously sexy RFFSTFF on His blog (one of those i follow, so links to it are in the collumn to the right) - He loved the ones of me in full rubber and dog-hood, with my Humanga-tongue dog-toy gag :))

Nice to know that someone so sexy can also have a good laugh ;)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A few more pics from Pride

A few more pictures from Flikr - love the one of Handler and Aroi laughing, with the pup between them... ;)

Monday, July 06, 2009

Back from Pride - and a few more pics...

Wow - what a fun couple of days, perving it out in the capital ;)

Tried to post up a few of the choicer pics from the Pride March 'on-the-go' - didn't join in the parade itself, but walked along-side - that is, when we weren't constantly being stopped to pose for photographs ;))

A few of the crowd pics didn't post - so here's just a tad to get the feel of the day...

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Meeting up with the very gorgeous and utterly sexy AROI - and being totally (and very happily) upstaged...! Who wants their picture taken with a rubber-dog when there's such a perfect specimen of Manhood available instead...? ;))

Lunch in Baker Street before setting off

Met up with Roger, and having a quick lunch before taking the dog a walk through the crowds.... We lost count of the number of people wanting photos...!

Friday, July 03, 2009

"mule train!"

All packed, loaded up and playing the mule to Handler on 2 wheels

Preparing for Pride...

Hmmm, 4 pairs of boots (including waders), 3 rubber suits, 2 sets of leathers.... I suddenly am struck with the thought that perhaps i might be over packing... ;)
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