Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh boy - gadget-pup...

Yes - i have bought a new phone, and yes - it allows mobile blogging, and yes - i had to try it out immediately, even though there was nothing more exciting to photograph than my own work PC...! ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ink and rope

Wow - another interesting couple of days...!

Handler gave His dog permission to go and visit RopeTop in London - both to taste His rope, and to accompany Him to the SMGays night at the Hoist.

This pup has been chatting to RopeTope for several years, and loves both His rigging work *and* His eloquent and informative writing about Erotic Dominance and Submission; He was as gentle and Dominant a Top in person as He has always been online - and it was an honour to be allowed to meet Him, be tied by Him, and serve Him - however briefly...

RopeTop also took me to the SMGays night at the Hoist - where they were hosting the "Slave Academy" themed night, it was a little odd being at the Hoist again without being in full rubberdog mode: and meeting people who i've met before, but who didn't recognise me on 'two-legs' - or seen my extensive tattoo-work...!

RopeTop was a caring and careful Handler, and wove a beautiful rope harness to help me feel safe and secure - and to show off my ink to it's best; He also made me enter the competition - and blow me, but i won 2nd runner-up! :)

So - thank you, Handler and Geoff both, for letting me roam - and Thank YOU, ZAK, Sir: it was a genuine pleasure to serve You.
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