Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Let me in, boy..."


what a fantastic weekend - down in London again: 4 days on the bike with my Handler - geared and collared: His bike-pup and dog-boy, barking at other bikes, wuffing at cute men in the street, making my Man laugh and frightening the public and wearing His collar with Pride.


Saturday was BLUF night at the Hoist - and all fours is *the* place to be for a boot-pup at such an event: i have never had my nose so close to so many Dehners and Wescos and leatherclad arses and crotches - made me feel like the guy in the classic Tom of Finland picture: lying on the floor amid a sea of legs and boots.

True - a few guys were freaked at a guy in full rubber and all fours (and one drunk twit managed to trip over me *despite* the fact i was tucked close between my Master's legs and out of the way under the bar) - and a couple of skins got a shock when they pissed about play-barking whilst i was waiting patiently for Handler to come back from the toilet - and He stomped out to protect me shouting "who's fucking with My dog?"... But most guys where just so pleased to see a genuine pup - and i have never had quite so many gloved hands give me friendly pats and strokes and head-rubs.

But most of all - it made me so PROUD to have several Masters come up to specifically compliment my Handler on having such a naturally k9 and deeply obedient dog (and ask for advice on how to train a boy to be so perfectly a dog...)


Best of all though was the time spent learning to please Him and serve Him better; both of us away from other distractions, and free to let slip the restrictions of 'real-life' and identity. Time for the pup in me to fully come to the fore - and *stay* - stay and grow and mature...

Time to be simply 'pup' - mentally and physically to give myself to that self - and to HIM: it's Handler, it's Master - the centre of it's world and identity.

Time to grow from 'pup' to 'dog' - to learn to "let Him in", mentally and physically - to Trust and surrender - to give my all to Him, without restriction or hindrance. Time to learn - and let it sink in, sink deep - so that it will be there again for Him when He next whistles and calls.

Time to be fully and wholly His DOG.

Your Dog loves You Sir - balls to bone, and all in between.

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