Thursday, April 23, 2009

i am a good boy

You know - there are times when my pup-self comes through *so* strong, it almost hurts.

i think of my Man, and His collar, and of that feeling when it locks around my neck: the way it's weight and presence help me to let go, be free and simply be His animal - and i can *feel* that need for surrender and devotion bubbling deep inside the core of me - sometimes so strong, it threatens to overwhelm me and burst out in tears or laughter - or simply a big throaty *WUUUFFF!!!*

It sounds scary - but it's a good feeling; it lets me know how deep this dog-self runs. And true, it sometimes makes me sad that i can't live permanently in that state, at my Man's feet or wrapped around His legs - but then, maybe, some things are stronger for being experienced in their full intensity less frequently...

SIR: i may not wear your collar everyday, but i *know* You understand that it's weight and Truth are engraved on my heart and into my mind; i know that, because You hold that heart in Your hands with such care.

Your DOG loves you Sir: balls to bone.

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