Tuesday, February 10, 2009


'In play you realize simultaneously the supreme importance and utter insignificance of what you are doing... Play is where life lives'

[George Sheehan, "Running and being"]

i like the idea and description of the sexual experience as play. It is that same child-like sense of wonder and utter involvement in the experience - the complete dedication to the overwhelming seriousness of the act - the abandonment of all but the moment and the task at hand. Embracing the self-imposed restrictions of rule and role - but finding a new freedom within them...

'Scene' doesn't cut the same with me. Scene is an act, something that is done with a distance or objectification. True, we can lose ourselves in the role, in the ritual - but there is still too much of the 'scripted' and the 'performance' to be fully liberating.

'Scene' leaves the actors as colleagues: the performance over they leave without having ever really touched.

'Play' gives space for joy - for love and life and complete fulfilment.

'Play' gives the players the space and the freedom to express their identity and their desires - to test each against the other and evolve the experience in the moment as it comes. 'Play' needs no script - just a situation, a 'lets-pretend' and an openness to explore and become. Having tested and touched and together achieved, it can still all end with a grin and a hug - yet each will not leave unaltered.

'Play' is essential and freeing - and utterly unimportant and without worth. In other words - 'priceless'

'Do you want to play with me...?'

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