Monday, February 02, 2009

Different kinds of pup...?

Just been talking on about the different possible means of 'pup' and 'Master' - and i thought i'd share some of the thoughts here too:

There really *are* many levels of pup-play, and different meanings to "Owner" and "Handler" and "Master" - and maybe even different kinds of pup. Our own motivations towards pup-space colour the kind of play we desire - or will tolerate...

Each is unique and beautiful in it's way - but you do have to be aware the breeds exist, or it can get confusing:

* Some pups go into the space from a very playful angle, and really are just puppies - for them perhaps the sexual side is less important than simply expressing their "puppy" identity. For these pups, their Owner or Master is likely to be their friend perhaps - and play involve a lot of cuddling and ball chasing and petting?

* Other pups are more horny dogs - and for them their pup-identity is much more sexual and primal. Pup's like this might be more in need of a Handler who can train them a little and keep them under enough control not to hump every leg that passes. Play for them is always going to get sexual. ;)

* Yet other pups have their pup-identity coloured by an already existing submissive or 'service orientated' sexual identity - for them, being 'pup' can often be a way to release their human limitations and express simple devotion and puppy-obedience to their Master. sub-pups like this always need a Handler or a Master - since their pup-identity is so heavily orientated towards devotion and the pleasure of being owned (and loved). Play will probably be sexual - but also may include obedience training, or bondage etc (basically - anything that allows the pup to obey and show it's Master service).

* Finally, some pups are *heavily* motivated towards SM and enjoy the 'humiliation' aspects of being treated "like a dog". Most of these pups will need a Master - but it's likely play will involve treating them a *lot* worse than you ever might a *real* dog ;)

Add in different inclinations in each type towards furry and Anthro tendancies - or rubber/leather fetishes - role-play - SM... and you got quite a heady and confusing mix. Each pup is unique, so no wonder we sometimes get confused :)))

(Interestingly - although most of the pups i know are in the 1st "puppy" or 3rd "sub-pup" category, most of the new "Masters" i've met tend to automatically assume that most pups are in the last "DOG" one - and that any "dog" will want to be beaten and fucked and treated badly... Lucky for this pup that it's own Master is a member of the RSPCP ;)) )

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