Thursday, January 15, 2009


So much play is simply about TRUST - and the depth that genuine Trust can give between two people...

This last visit with Handler, much of the training and play was about deepening that bond of utter Trust that exists between Man and hound - both pup learning to relax and Trust and let Master control it - and Master to Trust Himself with the level of control the pup offers Him.

Trust comes from the care each takes of the other - from the concern and friendliness that they express in the out-of-scene interactions as much as in the playroom.

Trust comes from experience - each of the other - from knowing that the Master will play the scene to the pup's experience and abilities - but that He will also not let the pup get away with not giving it's best, by being lazy or fearful.

Trust *gives* the pup a complete freedom to relax, and trust, and submit - knowing that the Master has it's leash and will guide it down to where it will give and feel purely and perfectly "pup".

Trust gives the Master the freedom to play and seek the pleasure He wants - knowing the pup will follow - eagerly and with passion.

Trust helps to build that non-verbal bond that lets each know what the other wants and needs, almost before the command comes.

So i want to say "Thank you" to my Handler - for teaching His pup so much about Trust.

And pup *DOES* Trust it's Man. it *knows* that He would not and could not harm it, that He will protect and care for it - and that He will guide and train it to be able to explore more, experience more - *give* more. And that together that level of Trust will take them *both* to places and depths that neither has been before...

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