Monday, December 15, 2008


WOW - what a beautiful full moon this weekend! i know it was the closest perigee in 15 years - but really She was just so *huge* and bright and beautiful - you couldn't help but throw back your head, open your throat and sing to Her glory :))

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dog-boys are good boys
Good boys are Sirs' boys
Sir's boy is a dog-boy
Dog-boys love meat!

Woke up with that little ditty running through my head - and a head full of the memory of my Handler's meat: the smell and taste and weight of it...

The feel of lying on my back, body tightly sheathed in it's rubber-suit and my sheathed-cock twitching, as i growl and whine and hungrily nuzzle into Man-fur and Masculinity - whilst over me towers my Man, His furry thighs brushing my beard as He straddles my head and lets me lick and lap at His balls - Him staring down at me with a smile and an encouraging growl, with His pup looking up at Him with hunger and eager devotion... Then the feel of His hand ruffling my hair and His growl of "good boy!" as i tip my head back to gladly swallow and lick and gag and choke as He slowly, gently, irresistibly squeezes His meat deep down into my throat...

Oh yes: Sir's boy is a dog-boy - and dog-boys love meat... :)
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