Tuesday, November 18, 2008



had a fab fun time at Gear this Sunday with my Handler - who had arranged to walk another pup and bring him with us.

This pup had been a little nervous, since it was my 1st time playing publicly with another pup, but i have met Lucky before and he's such a sweet pup - and we both had a LOT of fun chasing ball, wrestling, snuffling about after boots and keeping Handler entertained (we were *very* good, and made sure not to drag Handler about the slippery floor like some errant sled-dog team ;) ). We even managed to get a few admirers watching as we both showed plenty of puppish attention to Handler's meat - and pup was *very* happy to be allowed to show some boot-love to a couple of leather-guys and their *very* nice big boots ("WUFF!" to the sexy leather-cowboy - and i really *did* think you looked all the sexier for looking just that bit different in the stetson!!).

This pup also got to spend the night curled up by the side of it's Handler's bed - and to wake with Him reaching a hand down for it to lick and nuzzle, before letting it crawl up and snuggle under the duvet with Him (still rubber-suited and plugged from the night before - and eager to show Him it's randy devotion :D ).

A fun weekend - and i really *am* so proud to be your "Top dog" Sir!
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