Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poor wee pup :(

Been at home with a urinary infection the last week - and *boy* does that sting!!! It's like having a bladder full of battery-acid - and trying to piss needles!!

Dr thinks it might be secondary to the flu i've also had, but i'm also a little worried that i might not have fully cleaned (or dried) my cock-and-ball sheath well enough between milkings... but that might also just be the ex-Catholic guilt resurfacing ;))

Still i'm on anti-biotics now - and force feeding several pints of fluid an hour (Cranberry juice *does* work!). At least i've got over the 102 temperature, and the worst of the burning and cramps have past...

[Quick update for those that were worried - all cleared up, no complications - and Dr reckons it was just bad luck, rather than anything more worrying...]

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