Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blissed-out pup

Yesterday was our long and much-awaited visit up to Modern Body Art - getting more of the on-going work on my sleeve and Geoff's chest done. 

Jo has been a way on her global  "Sweet-sting" tour of conventions and guest-spots this last year, so we've not really had much chance to see her, or have much work done this year - and so it was incredibly good to see her again - AND to feel that sweet, sweet sting of her needle and ink in my skin...

It means no rubber or play for a little while, just to let the skin heal and rest, but the work Jo did was so utterly beautiful (travel really *does* do an artist good!) - and we had such a good time chatting and catching up that I really don't mind that much; we have to suffer for our art after all ;)

Vids are up on youtube (snakesentwined account) - and pics will be up on shortly too.

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