Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poor wee pup :(

Been at home with a urinary infection the last week - and *boy* does that sting!!! It's like having a bladder full of battery-acid - and trying to piss needles!!

Dr thinks it might be secondary to the flu i've also had, but i'm also a little worried that i might not have fully cleaned (or dried) my cock-and-ball sheath well enough between milkings... but that might also just be the ex-Catholic guilt resurfacing ;))

Still i'm on anti-biotics now - and force feeding several pints of fluid an hour (Cranberry juice *does* work!). At least i've got over the 102 temperature, and the worst of the burning and cramps have past...

[Quick update for those that were worried - all cleared up, no complications - and Dr reckons it was just bad luck, rather than anything more worrying...]

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blissed-out pup

Yesterday was our long and much-awaited visit up to Modern Body Art - getting more of the on-going work on my sleeve and Geoff's chest done. 

Jo has been a way on her global  "Sweet-sting" tour of conventions and guest-spots this last year, so we've not really had much chance to see her, or have much work done this year - and so it was incredibly good to see her again - AND to feel that sweet, sweet sting of her needle and ink in my skin...

It means no rubber or play for a little while, just to let the skin heal and rest, but the work Jo did was so utterly beautiful (travel really *does* do an artist good!) - and we had such a good time chatting and catching up that I really don't mind that much; we have to suffer for our art after all ;)

Vids are up on youtube (snakesentwined account) - and pics will be up on shortly too.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

A new start

OK, so i've maintained the website for years now - and have been a faithful (some might even say obsessive) poster onto network sites such as, recon and ning - but i thought that now might be a good time to get all web 2.0 and start a blogg (and link to it from panskin off course...!).

Why now?

Well, it's been a good few years of playing and learning now: x20+ in SM, x5 dabbling in pup-play, over x2 as a proud and collared hound at my Handler's feet. At first i didn't feel i understood enough to consider sharing it, but sometimes i have wee thoughts and little flashes of "elightenment" - and despite being a humble wee pup, i sometimes think it's a shame to let those ideas pass... i've also been asked several times by newer pups if i'd share some of my experiences with them, and blogging seems the way to go for that.

Plus - i am just so *very* proud of being my Handler's pup sometimes - and it's nice to have a place where i can express those devotedly *puppish* moments in a simple but public way (other than bounding around in circles barking and wagging my tail - which tends to frighten people in the streets a wee bit too much :D ).

i don't promise this will be a regularly updated blogg - outside of the kennel i can be quite a busy pup, with a *lot* of different roles and identities to keep running smoothly - but i hope that when inspiration strikes, *someone* might appreciate and enjoy it.

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