Sunday, April 06, 2014

Surrender: advice for a BDSM slave

I regularly post about Safe, Sane and CONSENSUAL BDSM play, the danger of the myth of objectification and the responsibilities of being a Master or Top - but don't think that means that all the work and responsibility belongs to the Top in any BDSM play. CONSENSUAL means that the sub, boy or pup has his responsibilities too.

True, a Man is only half a Master without a boy or a slave to command - but a boy is equally empty of purpose without a Master to serve. 

I have said many times that “BDSM is exchange” - but for that exchange to take place, BOTH must play their part: and that means that the sub must SUBMIT.

And you really do want to submit, don't you? That's been your fantasy for so long: to meet (or be taken by) some strong, masculine Man - to have Him take control of the situation, and of you - a Masterful Man who will step forward and relieve you of the need to decide what to do next, a Master who will take you and release you from the responsibility - and the guilt - of enacting those dark desires that bubble away beneath the mask of respectability that you struggle to hold and believe in...

You've seen the images, read the stories - dreamt the fantasies; you've hungered to be that boy, that sub: the one who kneels, the one who serves. You want to feel what he feels, be what he is.

And now, here you are: at that Man's door, kneeling at His feet - and that longed for AWFUL moment  of reality has finally come...

You know that you can’t get were you need to all alone: that you need to be guided, directed, led.  Ordered. You have come to this Man because you believe He knows what you wish to learn. You’ve made your checks: spoken to others, spoken to Him; you can be sure that He is what He says He is - a genuine Top, a real Master. He has asked you about your desires, delved into your fantasies, clarified your level of experience - He has clearly and honestly told you that He will take control - that He will use His experience and His knowledge to take you were you need to go, and has warned you that in doing so He may need to push you outside of your comfort zone - but you have spoken to others who have played with Him, served for Him, and you know that He is no lunatic, no abuser - and you are sure that you can trust Him.

So: TRUST Him.


He is the way to discover more than you could ever know alone. He will teach you more about YOU than you could ever imagine. But to do that, you must let Him lead - let Him take control.

You want this. You need it. Sure, it is frightening to give up control: to trust another and give yourself up into His hands; but beneath that fear is something better, something expectant, something anticipatory… Let that excitement overcome the doubt - and just LET GO.

Surrender to your desire. 

Surrender to HIM. 

Let yourself feel the incredible release - the overwhelming freedom - that is true surrender.

Because THAT is what it means to be a sub - and that is what makes a man a boy.

And it feels fuckin amazing…

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A #Rubber and #EroticFiction anniversary

Wow, how time flies.

I can't believe that it has been two years since Boner Books published my first book "Assimilation: Tales of Transformation and Surrender"

It was such a pleasure writing all those stories, sorting out the art work, and getting everything ready for publication - but it was also one of the most stressful three months ever (even worse than writing my Thesis...!).

“Rubber moves through me until every cell is coated, every nerve insulated; every part of me rubberised and assimilated. The process is slow, purposeful, unrelenting, and irreversible - and it feels like slowly drowning in a rising black tide of ecstasy.” 
These stories weave tales of delicious perversity, unrelenting transformations, heady submission, and willingly given surrender. They speak of masculinity and hunger - of bondage, hypnosis, pup-play and water-sports... They tell of men released from their limitations to test and push and explore at the very limits of experience and play - and all are wrapped within a seductively hypnotic skin of rubber and leather... 
“intensely erotic fantasies, throbbing with hypnotic intensity and loaded with 'phwoar' factor...” [Shaz, Larton Media]

I'm proud and psyched to know that my words and ideas are out there, inspiring (and perverting) a whole new audience. I'm also delighted to have had so many pups and rubbermen contacting me since to say "What a read! Thank you!". It's also great to see that some of those enthusiastic readers have taken the time to post some really great reviews up on Amazon so as to encourage others to buy their own copy too:

'Assimilation' is a unique and personal view into a growing segment of the fetish scene. The stories give an insider's look into the fascination and appeal of latex gear and clothing, accompanied by amazingly erotic scenes and fantasies. The stories progress from the joy of discovery through the darkest of desires, giving something for everyone with an interest in latex and rubber as a part of the overall BDSM experience. [Blake Doorslam]
I've been a bootbrush fan for several years now--and via mutual forums, websites, e-mails I've been treated to his incredibly insightful, highly intelligent, and superbly erotic writing. To finally have a volume of his work available is just what the latex doctor ordered! [Mr.D]
Bootbrush sublimely, sexily coats the English language in Rubber! Surrendering to the wildest desires of passion and perversity! An absolute classic of masculine fueled surrender and transformation from beginning to end!!! Wow :) [Dioica]
I loved this book. It was one of the best books I have read on the subject. Plenty of ideas. [Kahlan]

If you would like to see what all the fuss is about for yourself, 'Assimilation' is available in both paperback and kindle versions - via Boner Books, - and your local gay bookstore.


Monday, March 31, 2014

#Marriage and #Equality

This weekend saw the first official marriages between same-sex couples in the UK. It's been a long time coming, but it is a great day to be able to say "Equality in the UK!"

Sadly, there are still those who fight the change. In the run up to the official day, a poll has suggested that '1 in 5 Britons would refuse to attend, if invited to a "gay wedding"'. Their reason? because 'Marriage can only be between a Man and Woman - a Husband and Wife', and so going to a "gay wedding" would be deeply offensive to them. 

I can't I imagine a gay couple randomly inviting complete strangers to their 'special day', so that means 1 fifth of people would rather lose a friend or a family member, rather than change their definition of 'marriage'. Which to me is both really sad - and utterly strange, because we change the definition of words all the time: even the word 'Gay' itself...!

Even more importation, the 20th Century has seen huge changes in the way that we understand the meaning of 'Family', 'Wife', 'Husband' and 'Partner':

'Family' no longer simply means 'blood-ties' - nor does it mean only 'Dad, Mum, and their shared biological offspring'. In this age were most people will be married more than once, and have kids from several previous marriages, 'family' has become a much more flexible term - and one which each 'family' is free to define as they see fit.

Even more interesting: a woman would never now been seen as the simple 'Property' of her family, able to be 'given away' by her Father to another man in exchange for a 'Bride price' (the original meaning of 'Dowry'). And very few modern women would ever agree that being a 'Wife' means having no individual rites of her own to manage her money, inherit or vote - or that her only value as a woman is in her fertility, and that if she proves unable to bear her Husband useful offspring then he should be able to be cast off with impunity (as he would a barren mare).

Likewise 'Husband' itself no longer means 'Master of the house', nor does it mean having the unalienable right to own and manage his wife and children in the same way one would 'husband' your flocks, domestic animals and property (just as 'Husbandry' is still used in farming today).

Even those who demand that 'Marriage can only be between a Man and a woman' have conveniently forgotten that the original meaning included 'forsaking ALL others' - and that the bond was was for life...

With so much that has changed in how we think about marriage, gender and equality - surely one more little tweak shouldn't be that big a deal!?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Perverse, submissive - and PROUD

GregKinky and His boy

Just look how fuckin HAPPY that boy is.

Look at that grin - the sparkle in his eyes. And then look at the Pride in his Top's eyes.

Tell me that's not one of the sexiest, most beautifully PERVERSE images of rubber and fetish and BDSM you could imagine.

This is no ‘object’ without emotion - no helpless kid forced to endure a shameful and humiliating experience - no part-time toy that will run the moment he is released…

This is a true PERVERT: a guy who has not only accepted and embraced his transgressive desire, but has DEDICATED himself to his perversity - and the pursuit and exploration of all that he can experience, all he can BE.

A guy like this will never make you doubt your own perversity - never threaten your Dominance over him. He won't need to be cajoled, bribed or forced to do what you desire. No - His hunger, his desire to explore and be pushed will become your motivation, your encouragement to try ever greater, ever more perverse experiences for you BOTH.

This guy is PROUD of what he is - PROUD of what he can and will do for You: his Top, his Master.

But be warned: play with a Proud perverted sub like this can be dangerous. This is not for the part-time Top who just wants an excuse to flex His muscles and play at being a Man - nor is this treasure for the abuser who wants an excuse to pass on the pain He feels inside without thought to the damage it does to others - or Himself. And he's not for the fantasist who wants to believe that a man can be reduced to an object, a thing, without permanent, litigious, damage to himself - and to You.

Fuck no: play with a sub like this is going to be both a challenge and a life changing experience. And it's going to help you to become a better Top - a better MAN.

His eagerness to learn is going to constantly push you to explore Your own desires - to delve into your own perversity and nurture its ongoing growth and development.

The Pride that burns off this sub when he serves you well is going to make you realise the true value of what he gives - the genuine honour there is in being served. It's going to force you to see him as something to be honoured and treasured in turn: and not just as a sub either, but as a boy, a man and a friend.

And his devotion to You is going to show you that true BDSM is never about simply emptying your cock - fuck no: BDSM is about transformation, empowerment, exchange - and magic. The dangerous kind of magic - the stuff that really works. The kind of magic that works on your body, heart and soul; the kind that takes you, changes you, opens your eyes and makes you SEE yourself and your place in the universe...

Fuck no - This is no mere slave, no mindless object to be used and forgotten. This is a challenge, an inspiration - a muse...

Deny the abusers - Refuse the myth of objectification.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

@Leatherwest 's New Bristol Leather venue: The Union

Bristol already has one of the best leather and fetish scenes you could imagine - but we perverts are a greedy lot, and are always happy to welcome a  new venue into the mix.

'The Union' is the latest venture from the prolific guys at LeatherWest - the sexy bunch of guys who organise both the Bristol Leather Market, and the incredibly popular BLUF@Bristol party nights. Like them, The Union is hosted at The Den: a great little gay pub in the center of Bristol's gay district. It's an intimate and incredibly friendly place - with a nice big bar space with sofas at the front, a small outside area with benching (normally covered with a marque) and a darker, more 'private' space to the back. For the Union night, the guys had also added a great sound system, some moody laser lighting, and even more sofas - all of which made for a truly welcoming (and utterly non-threatening) space, perfect for those new to the scene who might be a little nervous at coming to a 'Fetish' social night for the first time.

The dress code was strict but simple: feel free to express your affiliation to any of the 'leather tribes': Biker, BLUF, pervert, Skin - but just do it in a significant amount of leather (i.e. jacket, jeans, chaps - something 'outer' and not just a jock and boots). And there really was a great range of gear on display: from a one-piece racing suit to boots harness and chaps - simple leather jeans to full BLUF uniform, muir and gloves. The only other stipulation was to leave any attitude or drama outside the door: this was to be a social night and an opportunity to mix, laugh, admire and make friends.

And that's exactly what we did.

Sir looked amazing in His Thigh-high Wescos, Premier chaps, and new leather vestless sleeves - and I got to wear my Mr.B Fukkas, piped shirt and metal-plated AlpineStar Moto-X boots. 

It felt really good to be up on two legs and able to join in conversations for once - and I was really happy to have several guys comment 'Oh god - you're bootbrush? I've only ever seen you on all fours, and didn't realise there was such a cute guy under all that rubber...!' ;)

Best of all, my leathers felt so good - and I'm glad to say that we both attracted some very welcome attention. As did the amazing photos that the guys shared of us on both twitter and their Facebook page: 

I'm not alone in having had an incredibly enjoyable night either: the chat on twitter and the reviews on the wesbite have all confirmed that everyone felt the same: it really was a brilliant evening, with everyone enjoying both the chance to be out in gear, and the opportunity to meet, chat, flirt and admire.

But don't just take our word: be there for the next Union evening to see for yourself!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

London, February 2014 - home again

Monday - and our last day.

I woke early - and had to gently extricate myself from my Man's embrace before padding quietly through to the bathroom for a very much needed early-morning piss... I thought I'd been super quiet - but when I padded back and crept under the duvet, it was to find my collar firmly gripped and guided down to my Man's beautifully waiting cock.

I settled down on my side - head cushioned on His belly as I nuzzled and licked, and my Man growled His sleepy encouragement. All around His balls, the inside of His thighs, up along His shaft and over His head: my tongue eagerly working, bathing Him in warmth and wetness, hunger and devotion. Sir kept His hand upon my collar, but let me work my magic where I would - only occasionally guiding my attentions with a gentle push or tug; I was happy to simply lose myself in the intoxicating textures and smells of Him - and the deep bliss of giving Him pleasure.

Gradually, Sir edged us both to the end of the bed - His cock still teased and held in His dog's mouth - finally turning me so that I was lying on my back with my head over the side of the bed with my Man standing, cock rooted deep inside my throat - and free to fuck deep down into me, balls slapping against my chin as I greedily swallowed every thrusting inch.

I know that throat-fucking His dog always gets my Man ready to fuck - especially when His pup uses it's paws to stroke the back of His thighs, stroke His beautifully furred butt, and tease along His crack - and so it wasn't long before I found myself watching and whimpering hungrily as He rolled on a sheath and then crawled, all fours, onto the bed behind me...

Sir let me take Him carefully at first: gently on my side so that He could ease Himself into my protesting ring. I struggled at first - despite several days of wearing my favourite glass plug - but I relaxed as I felt Him slowly pushing me apart: letting my body take over in the familiar wave of heat and hunger that shuddered through me at being so beautifully filled with His hard, hungry heat. I backed myself down onto Him - pushing my butt into the welcoming curve of His body; His arm, strong and enfolding around my chest as He reached down with the other to cup my hip and pull me onto Him all the deeper. I could feel His fingers, cupping the bone, probing into the soft flesh of my belly - rocking my body back and forth - stoking our hunger until we were both panting and growling in shared pleasure. I rolled over, pushed back until we were both up on all fours - my Man's bigger, stronger frame easily surrounding my smaller body, His teeth nipping the back of my neck: the alpha Dog fucking His subordinate pack-brother. Not that I was passive in my submission: my animal hunger had long since taken over as I bucked my hips and tried to drive Him ever deeper, ever faster into my ravenous core - growling and barking so loud that Sir finally had to push my head down into the bed and muffle me with the pillows...

It was a beautiful, animal, intoxicating fuck - and we would probably have still been at it had Housekeeping not started the hoover in the next room and reminded us that we should be thinking about check-out

We decided to have breakfast in the Hotel bar - skipping the shower to pull on a quick T-shirt and jeans, before heading down to pick through the buffet alongside curious children and anxious parents ('Daddy - why's that man wearing a padlock...?', 'Mummy, what does 'My Horny fuck-pup' mean? it says it on that man's T-Shirt...!' ) - then it was back to the room for the final pack and heading on home.

We finally caught up with the bad weather on the way back - so were doubly glad that we hadn't taken the bike as planned. We did have trouble with one of Sir's wiper-blades though - and spent a rather dramatic journey with it flopping, half-detached, across the screen, colliding with it's partner and waiting for it to finally tumble free across the motorway... So dramatic that we had to take a break at Marlborough for a calming coffee and a stroll around the shops. At least, that was our excuse for one last afternoon tea beside the river... ;)

London, February 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

London, February 2014 - Sunday at Kew

Sunday was a completely relaxed affair: we woke late - lazed in bed over tea and a biscuit - then strolled down the road to Brentford to look for breakfast...

We had noticed a sign on our first day announcing 'Brentford Sunday Market', and figured it might be a good place to grab some street-food. They were only just setting up the stalls when we arrived, so we pottered on into 'Old Brentford', followed the sound of water - and found ourselves at Brentford Gauging Lock and the start of the Grand Union Canal - the longest canal in the UK, with immense industrial history - and a basin stuffed full of live-aboard narrow boats and barges (which my own Geoff would have loved ;) ). 

All of the stalls had set up by the time we got back to the square, so we made a few purchases from one stall (a curious polish vegetarian 'sausage-roll' made out of pickled cabbage, some lovely bread and a couple of very sweet doughnuts), grabbed a mug of delicious tea from another, and settled down to munch in the sun. Sated, we had a second wander around - eyeing up the cheese stall in particular - and had a very curious encounter with a rather drunk gent who introduced himself as a casting director for Am-Dram, and then commenting "A better pair to represent "gay bikers" I've never met!"; 

What a bloody cheek - just because we were in head to toe leather and boots ;)  

Sir was quick with a "That's good - because I am gay, and I do have a Pan-European tourer..." - but the stall holder was even quicker with a "Who dear: them dear? gay dear? How very dare you!"

It was looking to be a gorgeous Spring day - so the dog suggested we cross the bridge to visit Kew Gardens.

It's been a good few decades since either of us had been to Kew, and so we had a wonderfully chilled day strolling around in the spring sunshine - admiring the crocuses, smelling the sweet winter blossoms, popping in and out of the palm houses and soaking up the sun. we even got to see a fascinating exhibition of Nature photography.

We were rather chilled by the end of the day - and more than a little footsore - so we headed back to the hotel for a nap, a snuggle (and an ass-poundingly fantastic pup-fuck...).

We both felt a little guilty to have come all the way to London and not to have visited any clubs or fetish events - and did discuss whether to head over to Backstreet for the evening - but, frankly, we were both so happy, chilled and content that we decided to simply hop on the buss up to Ealing, and stuff ourselves at Wagamama instead :)

London, February 2014
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